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Muryoko-in, which means immeasurable light, is a temple in Koyasan with a history of over 1000 years.  It is dedicated to Amida, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life;  the light of Amida’s wisdom and the life of his compassion are boundless.  The older facilities at Muryoko-in enhance the feel of this classic temple stay experience.  The silent garden and pond behind the temple joins seamless with the forest, and inspires guests with each glance.  The highlight of a stay here is the morning ceremony with its hypnotizing esoteric morning rituals. 

Gomataki fire ritual
Sample guestroom
Evening meal
Entrance gate
Hallway with view of garden
Washing area
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Price Plans

Temple Stay, Supper & Breakfast
 Staying in a temple in Koyasan is a must do for any visit to Japan and the friendly Muryoko-in is an excellent choice for those wanting a classic, more austere experience.  Meals are traditional Buddhist vegetarian Shojin-Ryori, which does not include meat or strong tasting foods.  Make sure not to miss...
Price per person 11,300 yen


Morning Buddhist Ceremony & Gomataki Fire Ritual

Every morning at Muryoko-in a Buddhist morning ceremony and Gomataki Fire Ritual takes place in the main worship hall, and is open to guests. The rich colors, smells of incense, and rhythmical chants of the monks are enchanting. One of a few temples in Koyasan, the Gomataki fire ritual is performed daily, in which a sacrificial fire is kindled and consecrated before invoking divinities and making offerings of prayers on wooden tablets. Flames rise and dance from the elaborate alter as if entranced and controlled by the priest reciting mysterious prayers and enigmatic mantras. Near the end of the ceremony worshippers are sometimes invited to the rear of the hall to make offerings of incense, allowing for an otherworldly, immersive experience.


Address 611 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, 648-0211

Osaka Namba (Nankai) to Koyasan
● 90 min by train from Nankai Osaka station to Gokurakubashi (極楽橋) station (Nankai Railways)
● 5 min by cable car from Gokurakubashi to Koyasan
● 9 min by bus from Koyasan bound for Okunoin (奥野院). 1 minute walk from "Koya Keisatsumae (高野警察前)" bus stop.
Nankai Railway website >>

Kii-Tanabe (via Ryujin Onsen) to Koyasan
● ~ 3 hr 30 min by bus from Kii-Tanabe Station to Koyasan via Ryujin Onsen (there is a transfer at Gomadanzan) (bus timetable 7)
※ This bus service does not run from the beginning of December to the end of March.
●~3 minutes walk from "Senjuin-bashi (千手院橋)" bus stop.
More bus timetables >>

Shuttle Service

Not available


Up to 15 vehicles (free)


Western Style Japanese Style Mixed Style Other Style Number of Rooms Maximum Guests
No Yes No No 25 80

Facilities Kotatsu heated table, Safe
Amenities 2 in 1 shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush set, Face towel, Yukata Japanese bathrobe, Slippers, Tea

Some rooms are separated by Fusuma doors.
Ensuite toilet: No


Shared Indoor Shared Outdoor Shared Sauna Privately Reserved Ensuite Indoor Ensuite Outdoor
Yes No No No No No

Ensuite bath: No
Bath hours: 16:00~21:00
●Not available in the morning

How to take a Japanese bath >>


Supper Meals served in guestroom or dining room from 18:00 (Buddhist vegetarian Shojin-Ryori)
Breakfast Meals served in guestroom or dining room from 8:00 (Buddhist vegetarian Shojin-Ryori)

●Vegetarian meals only (Shojin-Ryori)
●Where meals will be served is dependent on temple functions and will be decided on the day of your arrival.

Facilities & Services

Facilities Public telephone, Vending machine
Internet Unavailable
Credit Card Not accepted
Traveler's Cheques Not accepted
Language English. Level depends on which monks are on duty.

Kotatsu heater
No TV in all rooms


Check-in Check-out Curfew
From 15:00 By 9:00 None

Check in by 18:00
Asa-no-Otsutome ceremony 6:00~ (free)

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