Takata Green Land (Kumotori Onsen)

Shingu, Koguchi Hotel

Takata Green Land is an accommodation and onsen facility in a small community tucked into the lush mountains on the beautiful Takata river. It is about 30 minutes by free shuttle bus from Shingu or Koguchi, making this a good option for those walking the Kogumotori-goe and Ogumotori-goe sections of the Kumano Kodo.  There are three buildings, the main building has western guestrooms and hot spring baths; the annex has Japanese style guestrooms; and the original building houses the dining room.  The stone outdoor hot spring baths (Kumotori Onsen) and fresh, Japanese cuisine are highlights of a stay at Takata Green Land.

Takata Green Land (Kumotori Onsen)
Outdoor onsen bath
Sample supper
Sample guestroom
Sample annex guestroom
View from main building guestroom
Sitting area
Dining area
Indoor hot spring bath
Shuttle busses

Price Plans

Main Building, Supper & Breakfast (~30 min by free shuttle from Koguchi)
 Takata Green Land is a rural onsen destination, a relaxing retreat on its own, but also good to stay for those walking on the Kogumotori-goe and Ogumotori-goe sections of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route (Nakahechi).  It is a 30 minute ride by free shuttle bus from Koguchi.Please enjoy your relaxing stay, su...
Price per person 12,650 yen




Address 1810 Takata, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture, 647-1101

Free Shuttle from Shingu or Koguchi.  See below for more information.

Shuttle Service

Free Shuttle from Shingu or Koguchi.
These must be requested at time of booking.



For the shuttle from Koguchi, please call the hotel from the payphone across the street from the Minakata shop near the trailhead of the Ogumotori-goe.


Phone number: 0735-29-0321


It will take at least 30 minutes for the shuttle bus to pick you up in Koguchi.




BreakfastDepart Hotel
7:00 AM 7:40 AM

NOTE: This is the only shuttle time from the hotel to Koguchi.



Free parking for up to 40 vehicles.


Western Style Japanese Style Mixed Style Other Style Number of Rooms Maximum Guests
Yes Yes No No 21 94

Facilities Television, Air conditioning, Telephone, Safe, Alarm clock, Desk
Amenities 2 in 1 shampoo, Body-wash, Soap, Toothbrush set, Hair drier, Face towel, Bath towel, Yukata Japanese bathrobe, Slippers, Tea

Main Building
1st Floor: 3 Western rooms, 1 Japanese room
2nd Floor: 4 Western rooms, 1 Japanese room
All rooms Ensuite toilet, shared bath

12 Japanese style room
All rooms Shared toilet, shared bath


Shared Indoor Shared Outdoor Shared Sauna Privately Reserved Ensuite Indoor Ensuite Outdoor
Yes, Onsen Yes, Onsen No No No No

Bath hours: 11:00~22:00, 6:00~7:30
Outdoor Rotenburo bath not open in the morning.


No baths in guestrooms.


Supper Meals served in dining hall from 18:00 or 18:30 (Japanese style “Kaiseki” meal)
Breakfast Meals served in dining hall from 7:00, or 7:30 (Japanese style)

● 7:00 breakfast on request for those requiring shuttle to Koguchi to continue walking the Kumano Kodo.

● Lunches are available to order at check:

- 3 riceballs and side dishes: 650 yen

- 2 riceballs and side dishes: 500 yen

- 3 riceballs (no meat): 400 yen

- 4 riceballs (no meat): 500 yen

● For walkers, food can also be bought at the Minakata shop (opens at 7:00 daily) near the trailhead of the Ogumotori-goe.

Vegetarian Meals

There are many kinds of vegetarians and we want to make sure we make the proper meal request for you.

Please choose your Vegetarian type from the chart and write it in the Request/Comment box, including what you cannot eat in detail.



Fish & Seafood


 Diary Products

Katsuo Dashi (Fish broth)



B (not available)


C (not available)


D (not available)


E (not available)


※ Takata Green Land is not able to accommodate Type B, C, D, and E vegetarian. 

※ Also vegetarian meals may not be available during busy times.

※ All guests in group may be served the same meal if vegetarian requests are made.

More information >>

Facilities & Services

Facilities Barrier-free access, Gift shop, Karaoke, Public telephone, Coin laundry, Massage chair, Vending machine, Alcohol vending machine
Services Shipping
Internet Wireless LAN (Guestroom), Wireless LAN (Lobby)
Credit Card Not accepted
Traveler's Cheques Not accepted
Language Japanese only

● Washing and drying machine (free).
● Shared Refrigerator.

● Free Wifi in main building only.


Check-in Check-out Curfew
From 15:00 By 10:00 None

● If you are walking please plan to arrive before dark.  It is best to leave early in the morning and arrive early in the afternoon to safely walk over these mountain passes.  Please be prepared.

Daylight and weather data >>

Luggage Shuttle Service

Let us take a load off your back!


Luggage shuttle service available to/from this accommodation so that you can enjoy your time in Kumano, without the burden of worrying about your baggage.  Have your luggage picked up and transported to your next accommodation, so you can freely experience the region.  Perfect for Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route walkers!


More information about luggage shuttle >>

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