Kishu Ishigami Tanabe Ume Orchard: 2 hr Charter Taxi/Jumbo Taxi Tour

Kishu Ishigami Tanabe Ume Orchard is located in the mountains inland from the Kii-Tanabe station.  Ume orchards are built on terraces of the steep slopes.  

When the flowers are in bloom, it is a spectacular panorama right out to the ocean...with over 300,000 trees!

This is one of the premier places to view Ume blossoms in Japan.  

The best times for view are the beginning of February to the beginning of March.

This is a private taxi tour for 2 hours.  Depart from Kii-Tanabe station to the orchards.  It is about ~35 minutes drive up mountains roads to the site.  Then free time walking around and enjoying the scenic landscape, before driving back to the station.

※ Only Japanese speaker drivers are available.

 ● Please make a request with the standard price based on a normal taxi, and we will adjust the final price when processing the request.



(1~4 persons)

Jumbo taxi

(5~9 persons)

Tour Time

Kishu Ishigami Tanabe Ume Orchard

9000113002 hr


9,000 yen
Availability    Open year round

* Prices subject to change.
Infant = 6 and under, Child = 7 to 11, Adult = 12 and over

Needed Information

When making the booking, please include the following information.

1) Pick-up time at JR Kii-Tanabe station
2) The number of people


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*Requests must be made 10 days in advance.

Number of Guests Adult (Male)    (Female)
Child (7 to 11)    Infant (0 to 2)    (3 to 6)
Pick-up Location
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