All Rooms (Private Rental), No Meals


ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an is an intimate accommodation in a quiet neighbor near the Shirahama train station, and a good base to visit the area.

This plan is to privately rent the entire house: No Meals.

● Prices are per person and change according to the number of guests.
● Please make a request with the standard price and we will adjust the final price to match your needs when processing.


Price per person

Total price for house

2 guests


3 guests


4 guests


5 guests


6 guests


7 guests


ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an can only accept reservations 3 months or less in advance.  Thank you for your understanding.


Price & Availability

Price per person
Adult 5,300 yen
Child 5,300 yen
Infant 1,100 yen
Availability    Sep/04/2017 (Mon) ∼ Oct/23/2018 (Tue)

* Prices subject to change.
Infant = 6 and under, Child = 7 to 11, Adult = 12 and over


Room Style Japanese
Bed Type Futon
Bath Ensuite indoor
Toilet Ensuite western style


Vegetarian No, sorry, we cannot cater to vegetarians.
Allergies No, sorry, we cannot cater to food allergies.


Check-in Check-out Curfew
From 16:00 By 10:00 23:00


● Children are counted as adults.
● Infant price does not include futon.
● If infant needs a separate futon a separate price is charged.


Plan ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an | All Rooms (Private Rental), No Meals
Date(s) of Stay
// Select From Calendar - Night(s) stay

*Requests must be made 10 days in advance.

Number of Guests Adult (Male)    (Female)
Child (7 to 11)    Infant (0 to 2)    (3 to 6)
Number of Rooms
Check-in :
Room Style
Bed Type
Infant Futon
Transportation Information
Details of relevant Information(time of bus,etc,) Link to local bus timetables >>
Alternative Choice of Accommodation The Kumano Travel Community Reservation System does not stock rooms or services. In case this accommodation is not available, please write 3 or more alternative choices (where possible) in order of priority in the comment box below.

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