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This plan includes a night in the registered cultural heritage building with supper and breakfast.  A stay at Kamigoten Ryokan is a once in a lifetime chance to immerse and indulge yourself in an isolated icon of traditional Japanese culture.  Please arrive early so that you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of this renowned traditional inn. 


NOTE: Rooms in the Heritage building are sliding fusuma doors with no locks and not the room with river view.


● Number of persons: 2~4
● Meals: Supper and breakfast
● Prices are per person and change according to the number of guests per room, the day of the week, and during holidays.
● Please make a request with the standard price based on 2 persons per room, and we will adjust the final price when processing the request.

● Children and infants are unable to stay at Kamigoten Ryokan.


 Weekdays & SundaysSaturday & day before national holidays※Major national holidays

1 Guest per room

(Price per person)

Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available

2~4 Guests per room

(Price per person)

Adult 16,200Adult 17,280Adult 19,440

※Major national holidays:

Golden Week

Obon (Aug 13~15)
New Year’s (Dec 31~Jan 3)


Onsen Tax


How to Pay

What is this?

150 yen
(per person per night)

Please pay directly to the accommodation.

The onsen tax is charged by municipal governments throughout Japan to all hot spring accommodations.  Depending on the way accommodations do their accounting for this tax, some request to be paid 150 yen directly.  Thank you for your understanding.


Price & Availability

Price per person
Adult 16,200 yen
Availability    Open year round

* Prices subject to change.
Infant = 6 and under, Child = 7 to 11, Adult = 12 and over


Room Style Japanese
Bed Type Futon
Bath No bath in guestroom
Toilet No toilet in guestroom


Vegetarian Yes, we can cater to vegetarians on request.
Allergies No, sorry, we cannot cater to food allergies.


Check-in Check-out Curfew
From 14:30 By 10:00 None


Supper is served in your room and breakfast in the dining room.

Access Information

To make your visit the best possible Kamigoten requests to know about your transportation details.

How are you travelling to Kamigoten Ryokan?
Are you travelling by car or by local bus?

If you are travelling by car:
Do you know which roads to take?
What time will you be planning to arrive?

If you are travelling by local bus:
Where will you be boarding the bus?
What time will you be taking the bus?

Here is the timetable for the bus to Ryujin Onsen for your reference.
Bus timetable 7

Please fill this information into the request/comments box when making your reservation request.  If you have any questions regarding access, please contact us anytime.

Vegetarian Meals Request

There are many kinds of vegetarians and we want to make sure we make the proper meal request for you.

Please choose your Vegetarian type from the chart and write it in the Request/Comment box, including what you cannot eat in detail.



Fish & Seafood


 Diary Products

Katsuo Dashi (Fish broth)



B (not available)


C (not available)


D (not available)


E (not available)


※ Kamigoten Ryokan is not able to accommodate Type B, C, D and E vegetarian.  Also vegetarian meals may not be available during busy times. Thank you for your understanding.


More information >>


Plan Kamigoten Ryokan | Heritage Building, Supper & Breakfast
Date(s) of Stay
// Select From Calendar - Night(s) stay

*Requests must be made 10 days in advance.

Number of Guests Adult (Male)    (Female)
Number of Rooms
Check-in :
Room Style
Bed Type
Guest(s) with Vegetarian Diet  
Vegetarian Type Vegetarianism is not common in Japan, especially in the countryside.
Not all service providers can serve all Vegetarians Types.
Please choose a service providers that is able to accommodate your type.

More information about Vegetarians Types >>

The service providers accept the reservation based on the type of vegetarian selected at time of booking.
Please understand and respect this and DO NOT change the vegetarian type onsite, directly with the service providers.

Please write in detail about this request. For example, if there are different number of people with different needs.
Also exactly what each guest cannot eat.

Allergies Not Available
Transportation Information
Details of relevant Information(time of bus,etc,) Link to local bus timetables >>

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