Combination Ticket: Aquarium & Underwater Observation Tower Entrance Ticket

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Underwater Observation Tower Image
Underwater Tunnel Aquarium
Underwater Tunnel


This price plan is for a combination ticket including the Aquarium & Underwater Observation Tower.


The warm "Kuroshio" current sweeps past the Kii-hanto peninsula creating a rich environment supporting a diversity of tropical and subtropical marine life. Over 400 species from the Kushimoto waters are faithfully reproduced in attractive displays: "Coral Reef Fishes", "Rocky Shore Fishes", "Underseascape of Kushimoto Marine Park"
"Corals", "Sea anemones", "Sea urchins", "Starfishes", "Interesting Ecology of Marine Life", "Crustacea", "Symbiotic Life of Little Animals", and "Sea Turtle park".  Some highlights of the aquarium are an Underwater Tunnel and Sea Turtle Pool.  

The Underwater Tunnel is 24 meters long and has sharks, rays and bluefin tuna swimming freely together.  Seeing these impressive sea creatures from the side and below is a immersive unique experience.  

The outdoor Sea Turtle Pool has Loggerhead, Green, and Hawksbill sea turtles, some are huge, over 100 kilograms!  You can even buy some turtle feed to give to the them.

Underwater Observation Tower

The Underwater Observation Tower extends 5 meters below the surface of the ocean offering an unique perspective of the Kushimoto marine environment in its natural state.  There are 40 windows to view the ocean waters, dynamic and alive with sea life; 270 species of fish have been recorded from them and between 20 to 40 of them can be seen consistently, such as Green moon wrasse, Butterfly fish, Heavenly damselfish, Anemone fish, and Girella.


Price per person
Adult 1,800 yen
Child 800 yen
Infant 200 yen
Availability    Open year round

* Prices subject to change.
Infant = 6 and under, Child = 7 to 11, Adult = 12 and over


● ~15 minutes by public bus from Kushimoto station (bus timetable 14)
● Nearest bus stop "Kaichu Koen Center 海中公園センター"

Free Shuttle Bus
There is a free shuttle bus from Kushimoto station to/from Kushimoto Marine Park.



9:00~16:30 all year round
※ Hours may change or closures happen in bad weather conditions.


Infants 2 years old and under are free.


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