Eco-Rental House: No meals

  • Guesthouse ikkyu

  • Eco-rental house

  • View from house

  • Sign

  • Bedrooms

  • Counter area

  • Bio-toilet

  • Indoor bath

  • Washing area

  • Outdoor bath on balcony

Guesthouse ikkyu


The concept of ikkyu is to provide a peaceful atmosphere in the Kumano mountains to take a break, relax and refresh, in a reformed eco-house—Japanese style!

The owner offers pick-up from Koguchi and the Hongu area after 16:00.  The next day guests can use a local bus to get to their next destination.  For example, get pick-up at Koguchi and then the next morning take the local bus back to Koguchi.  This is convenient for those walking the Kogumotori-goe and Ogumotori-goe sections of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes.

No meals are available, but the owner can drive guests to a nearby grocery store.


1 Guest(s) 19,800 yen
2 Guest(s) 19,800 yen
3 Guest(s) 19,800 yen
4 Guest(s) 19,800 yen
5 Guest(s) 23,100 yen
6 Guest(s) 26,400 yen
7 Guest(s) 29,700 yen
8 Guest(s) 33,000 yen



Room Style
Bed Type
Ensuite indoor
Ensuite western style
● Bio-toilet.
● Indoor and outdoor bath.
● The outdoor bath is heated by a wood-burning fire.


● No Meals. 
● Simple food stuff available for sale on site: such as curry, ramen, pasta, canned goods, snacks, etc.
● Owner can drive guests to nearby grocery store to buy food.


16:00 - 20:00
By 10:00
Please call owner after 16:00 for shuttle.


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