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GUEST HOUSE KUMANOYASAI (~40 minute walk from Takahara)


This plan includes a private rental house stay with breakfast. 

NOTE: This accommodation is not in Takahara settlement proper and does not provide shuttle service from Takahara to the lodging on the day of check-in.  You will need to make your own way there, so if you are walking from Takijiri-oji to Takahara on the Kumano Kodo, you will need to add ~40 more minutes of walking to reach the lodging. So it is essential to plan your walk properly to arrive by check-in time.

There are 3 options for breakfast
1. A breakfast bento box will be delivered to the guest house between 7:30 and 8:00.
2. The owner can pick up guests between 7:30 and 8:00 and take them to KUMANOYASAI cafe in Chikatsuyu.
Transport is one way. Guests must be packed and ready to check out when the shuttle arrives.
3. No breakfast delivery or shuttle. Guests get to the café on their own and choose a time for breakfast – 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00. The cafe is marked "Kumano-yasai" on this Chikatsuyu map.

Children, Toddlers and Infants
Same price as adults.
Please see price list below.

Guests must arrive by 18:00 at the very latest. The owner leaves at this time.  Please plan accordingly to arrive by 18:00, or check-in may not be possible.


Year-round (from January 2024)
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 33,400 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 18,500 yen
Child (7 to 11) 18,500 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 18,500 yen
3 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 16,900 yen
Child (7 to 11) 16,900 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 16,900 yen
4 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 16,100 yen
Child (7 to 11) 16,100 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 16,100 yen
5 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 15,600 yen
Child (7 to 11) 15,600 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 15,600 yen
6 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 15,200 yen
Child (7 to 11) 15,200 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 15,200 yen
7 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 15,000 yen
Child (7 to 11) 15,000 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 15,000 yen
8 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 14,800 yen
Child (7 to 11) 14,800 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 14,800 yen
9 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 14,700 yen
Child (7 to 11) 14,700 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 14,700 yen



Room Style
Bed Type
Ensuite indoor
Ensuite western style
● Non-smoking facility


Yes, we can cater to vegetarians on request.
Yes, we can cater to food allergies on request.


In the mountains it gets dark quickly after sunset especially along the forested Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.  For your safety, it is highly recommended to properly plan to arrive at your accommodation before sunset.


Sorry, "Reservation Requests" are not available at this time.

Please check this Article for more information.