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  • Sample room

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Guesthouse Modorizenoyado


The owners of Guesthouse Modorizenoyado wish to encourage "health tourism" by providing Kumano Kodo hikers a way to refresh and rejuvenate mind and body in a beautiful natural landscape.

This plan is for private rental home with mixed style guest room and conditioning option. This plan includes no meals.

Children and Toddlers
  • Children (7-11): please see price list below. 
  • Toddlers (3-6) and Infants (0-2): Free if no bedding is needed, or same price as Children (see chart above) if bedding is needed.
Please select the number of guests staying (maximum of 6) and check the box if children are included. Please also enter the child's age and whether bedding is necessary in the "Note" section below. Once the request has been accepted, the billing amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Body care and conditioning service
Please enter the number of people in the group in the "Note" section below who would like to have the body care and conditioning service.

1 Person 4,000 yen(60 min/1 session)
Adult・Children・Toddlers・Infants SAME PRICE
Session Times
Check-in Day ①15:00-16:00, ②16:00-17:00
③17:00-18:00, ④18:00-19:00
Check-out Day ⑤6:00-7:00, ⑥8:00-9:00
⑦9:00-10:00, ⑧10:00-11:00

Consecutive Night Discount
For guests staying consecutive nights of 3 nights or more, a 10% discount will be given off the total cost of accommodation.
※ Only the regular price will be displayed at first when the accommodation request is made and adjusted when the accommodation is processed. Thank you for your understanding.

Advanced Preparation for Ingredients
Although this is a “no meals” plan, the owner can ready ingredients at the guest’s request so they can prepare a meal for themselves.
Please indicate in the Note section below if you would like this service, and please include a rough cost budget for ingredients. 
※ Payment for the ingredients is not included in the reservation charge, and should be paid onsite at check-in.


1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 19,500 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 9,500 yen
Child (7 to 11) 4,600 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,600 yen
3 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,900 yen
Child (7 to 11) 4,300 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,300 yen
4 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,900 yen
Child (7 to 11) 4,300 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,300 yen
5 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,900 yen
Child (7 to 11) 4,300 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,300 yen
6 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,900 yen
Child (7 to 11) 4,300 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,300 yen



Room Style
Bed Type
Ensuite western style
● Non-smoking facility


Kitchen is avaiable for use.


By 10:00


Stay Date *
  -   Night(s) stay
:Receiving Requests, :Not Available
*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
NOTE: All requests subject to availability.
Rooms, services, and tours are not stocked on this site.
Check-in Time *
Room Type * Mixed style room Number of Rooms *
Number of Guests *

Room 1

Male: Female:
Child (7 to 11)
Toddler (0 to 6)
Body Care & Conditioning *
Guest(s) with Body Care & Conditioning
Fee: 4,000 yen/person (60-minute session)
Times available either on the day of check-in or check-out.
Session times on date of check-in:
①15:00-16:00, ②16:00-17:00, ➂17:00-18:00, ④18:00-19:00
Session times on morning of check-out:
⑤6:00-7:00, ⑥8:00-9:00, ⑦9:00-10:00, and ⑧10:00-11:00
*Please note: Session times may not be available depending on prior circumstances at the inn.
After completing the reservation and payment, the inn will contact the guest directly to confirm session details.
Transportation Information *
Details of Relevant Transportation Information (time of bus, walking route, estimated itinerary, etc.)
Bus route timetable list >>>
Shuttle Transport * Please register if you need transportation shuttle.

Alternative Choice of Accommodation*

The KUMANO TRAVEL Community Reservation System does not stock rooms or services. In case this accommodation is not available, please write 3 or more alternative choices (where possible) in order of priority in the comment box below.

Name of Accommodation the Night Before Stay, Tour, Activity, etc. *