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Kashiwagi Mikan Farm Stay


Kashiwagi Mikan farmstay is the perfect weekend getaway with a family atmosphere.  The rooms for guests were their children’s before they moved away from home.  Kashiwagi Mikan is very popular with non-Japanese living in Japan, but also international tourists looking for a unique place to stay and get a glimpse into the lifestyle of a Japanese family.

◆ IMPORTANT ◆ Only available on Saturdays

Children are the same price as adults.
Please let us know the age of your children and include a message in the request.


Homestay, Supper & Breakfast Saturday only
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 7,100 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 7,100 yen
Child (7 to 11) 7,100 yen
Infant (3 to 6) 7,100 yen
Infant (0 to 2) 7,100 yen



Room Style
Western, Japanese
Bed Type
No bath in guestroom
No toilet in guestroom
● No smoking in rooms.The smoking area is outside.


Yes, we can cater to vegetarians on request.
Yes, we can cater to food allergies on request.




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*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
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Child (7 to 11)
Infant (3 to 6)
Infant (0 to 2)
Vegetarian *

The service providers accept the reservation based on the type of vegetarian selected at time of booking. Please understand and respect this and DO NOT change the vegetarian type onsite, directly with the service providers.

Guest(s) with Vegetarian Diet:
Allergies *
Guest(s) with Allergy:

Please write in detail about this request. For example, if there are different number of people with different allergies. Also exactly what each guest cannot eat.

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