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  • Front guest room

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Kumano Kodo Nagano Guest House


Welcome to the agricultural foothills of the sacred Kumano mountains in the Kii peninsula of Japan!

The Kumano Kodo Nagano Guest House is a beautiful and authentic stay in a reformed Japanese style farm house.  

No meals are provided. 

Children, Toddlers and Infants
● Children (7 to 11), ● Toddler (3 to 6)
Bedding available for ... Same price as adult. Please refer to the price list below
● Infants (0 to 2)
No bedding, no meals, Free

The owner offers shuttles to/from various sites including the Kii-Tanabe station and Takijiri-oji.  
Please include shuttle request when making the reservation request.

◆ PLEASE NOTE ◆ This is the small village of Nagano in Tanabe City, NOT Nagano city in Nagano Prefecture.


1 guest(s) 6,500 yen
2 guest(s) 11,000 yen
3 guest(s) 15,500 yen



Room Style
Bed Type
No bath in guestroom
Shared western style
● Free Wi-Fi
● Non-smoking facility


By 10:00


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