Hongu Rental House, No Meals

  • Oyunohara

  • Sitting room

  • Kumano Mindful Retreat

  • Japanese style bedroom

Kumano Mindful House “Hoshi-no-Jikan”


 Get away from the restraints and stress of daily life but switching to "Hoshi-no-Jikan" or "Solar Time" at Kumano Mindful House.

A quality rental property in Hongu, it offers privacy and mindful space for guests overlooking the giant Torii gateway of Oyunohara.


● Prices are for the entire house and change according to the number of guests, and day of stay.
● Please make a request with the standard price for two guests and we will adjust the final price to match the number of guests and dates when processing.

Kumano Mindful House “Hoshi-no-Jikan” can only accept reservations 9 months or less in advance. Thank you for your understanding.



Monday to Thursday, Sunday & National Holiday
1 guest(s) 19,500 yen
2 guest(s) 24,200 yen
3 guest(s) 28,910 yen
4 guest(s) 33,620 yen
5 guest(s) 38,320 yen
6 guest(s) 43,030 yen
7 guest(s) 47,730 yen
8 guest(s) 52,440 yen
9 guest(s) 57,140 yen
Friday, Saturday & day before national holidays
1 guest(s) 23,530 yen
2 guest(s) 28,230 yen
3 guest(s) 32,940 yen
4 guest(s) 37,650 yen
5 guest(s) 42,350 yen
6 guest(s) 47,060 yen
7 guest(s) 51,770 yen
8 guest(s) 56,470 yen
9 guest(s) 61,180 yen
Major national holidays, Golden Week, Obon, New Years Holiday
1 guest(s) 32,940 yen
2 guest(s) 37,640 yen
3 guest(s) 42,350 yen
4 guest(s) 47,060 yen
5 guest(s) 51,770 yen
6 guest(s) 56,470 yen
7 guest(s) 61,180 yen
8 guest(s) 65,880 yen
9 guest(s) 70,590 yen



Room Style
Western, Japanese, Other
Bed Type
Twin, Futon
Ensuite indoor
Ensuite western style


No meals.


In the mountains it gets dark quickly after sunset especially along the forested Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.  For your safety, it is highly recommended to properly plan to arrive at your accommodation before sunset.


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