Kumano Kodo Waterfall Worship Hike

Nachi-Katsuura Tourism Organization


~Pilgrimage to Nachi's Sacred Upper Falls~

Journey into the mysterious sacred area of Nachi on this exclusive seasonal hiking tour!

Guided by local experts, trek to the first three waterfalls of Nachi-no-Taki.

First, receive essential purification in the main shrine of Kumano Nachi Taisha and visit the venerated and historically connected Seiganto-ji Temple. Then, visit the Second and Third upper falls, (Ni-no-taki and San-no-taki, respectively).

Visit the oldest tree in Nachi’s Primeval Forest, Nachi Ipposugi, a 1,000-year-old cryptomeria.

Finally, descend and bask near the base of Japan’s highest single-drop waterfall.

Exclusive tour limited to just one group per day.

Special tour for inbound guests and foreign residents of Japan only!


Year-round (Total Price)
1 guest(s) 60,500 yen
2 guest(s) 59,400 yen
3 guest(s) 70,900 yen
4 guest(s) 81,400 yen
5 guest(s) 92,400 yen
6 guest(s) 104,200 yen
7 guest(s) 121,600 yen
8 guest(s) 139,000 yen
9 guest(s) 156,400 yen
10 guest(s) 151,800 yen

 Tour Overview


Join us on an exclusive seasonal hiking tour beyond the magnificent Nachi Waterfall to a mysterious, prohibited area of Nachisan’s sacred primeval landscape. 

The tour includes a forest and river hike to hidden waterfalls normally not accessible to the general public—a rare chance to experience this forbidden spiritual site!

WHEN February 4th, 2022 to June 14th, 2022
TOUR TIME  Start from 7:30 to 15:00
ROUTE Nachisan
OVERALL LEVEL Intermediate
TYPE Day guided.
RECOMMENDED FOR Those who want to experience the hidden sacred Nachisan waterfalls not normally accessible to the general public


 Day guided by local Kumano Kodo guide

 Lunch and snack

 All ceremonies, activities and entrance fees

 Transporation from/to Kii-Katsuura to/from Nachisan


 Miscellaneous personal expenses such as drinks etc.

 Travel insurance (please purchase this before your trip)


● Tour follows a mountain trail with unpaved sections, uneven surfaces of dirt, roots and cobblestones.  Please wear appropriate footwear, preferably with non-slip soles.
● Tour itinerary may change depending on local circumstances and/or weather.

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Visit Kumano Nachi Taisha
Be purified at Kumano Nachi Taisha before entering the sacred mountains.
More Information >>
Visit Seiganto-ji Temple
Revered temple on Nachisan dating back to 7th century in its current location.
More Information >>
Walk in Sacred Hidden Nachi
A forest and river hike to hidden waterfalls normally inaccessible
Visit Nachi Falls
Sacred Nachi Falls, also called "Nachi-no-Otaki" or "Ichi-no-taki," highest single-drop falls in Japan!
More Information >>


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