Sights and Walks of Sacred Kumano - 4 days | Highlight/Beginner

  • Daimon-zaka slope near Nachisan

  • Kumano amulet

  • Hosshinmon-oji

  • Kamikura-jinja

  • Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail

  • Morning sea of clouds

  • Kumano Hayatama Taisha

  • Sacred Kumano

  • Bento lunch box

  • Kumano Kodo Daimon-zaka

  • Site along Kumano Kodo

  • Nachi falls

  • Pilgrimage dress

  • Seiganto-ji temple in Nachisan

  • Kawayu Onsen

  • Tokei-jinja

  • Yunomine Onsen

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This itinerary focuses on the best sights and walks during a slower visit- a great introductory way to experience the diversity of the sacred Kumano region of Japan.

This highlight itinerary visits all three Grand Shrines (Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Hayatama Taisha & Kumano Nachi Taisha), one each day, with short and scenic highlight walks around each shrine.

A traditional boat tour on the Kumano-gawa river leads to Shingu, offering an alternative perspective of the environment.

Overnight at three different hot spring village in the mountains (Yunomine Onsen & Kawayu Onsen) and on the coast (Katsuura Onsen) while dining on delicious local cuisine.


1 guest(s) 245,000 yen
2 guest(s) 317,000 yen
3 guest(s) 482,000 yen
4 guest(s) 554,000 yen
5 guest(s) 719,000 yen
6 guest(s) 791,000 yen
7 guest(s) 956,000 yen
8 guest(s) 1,028,000 yen
9 guest(s) 1,193,000 yen
10 guest(s) 1,265,000 yen

 Tour Overview


Visit all three Grand Shrines, one each day, with short and scenic highlight walks.

Float down the Kumano River in a traditional boat as part of your pilgrimage.

Overnight at three different hot spring villages while dining on delicious local cuisine on the Kumano Kodo.

Join us for this once-in-a-life-time journey and make your visit to Kumano truly unique!

WHEN Year-round *Traditional boat tour available only from March to November
ROUTE Osaka | Tanabe | Kawayu Onsen | Yunomine Onsen | Katsuura | Hongu | Nachisan | Osaka
DURATION 4 days & 3 nights
OVERNIGHT Kawayu Onsen, Yunomine Onsen, Katsuura
ROOMS Twin shared
PRICE Deduct 4,300 yen/ per person when the traditional boat tour is not available
OVERALL LEVEL Highlight/Beginner
TYPE Day guided.
DAILY LUGGAGE SHUTTLE Available for all days.
RECOMMENDED FOR Those who want to experience the highlights of the Kumano Kodo with short walks focused in each of the three Kumano Sanzan Grand Shrines areas.


 Day guided by Kumano Kodo local guides

 Official Kumano Kodo Guide Book

 3 Nights of accommodation

 3 Suppers, 3 Breakfasts, 1 Lunches

 Daily luggage shuttles (1 piece per guest)

 Transportation according to itinerary during the tour from arrival at Kii-Tanabe station to departure at Kii-Katsuura station.


 Train tickets to Kii-Tanabe before tour and train ticket from Kii-Katsuura at end of tour

 Transporation not included in the itinerary

 Miscellaneous personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, shopping, etc.

 Travel insurance (please purchase this before your trip)


● The Kumano Kodo is a mountain trail with sections unpaved, uneven surfaces of dirt, roots and cobblestones.  Please wear appropriate footwear.

● For clothes it is best to bring layered clothes, such as a fleece jacket and an outer shell. Snow is rare in the mountains of the southern Kii peninsula, but if there are chances of freezing overnight.  More weather information.

● Some accommodations have shared facilities such as hot-spring baths.  Here is a detailed overview on how to take a Japanese bath

● Tour itinerary may change depending on local circumstances and/or weather.

Any questions? Contact us!


     Train from Osaka/Kyoto to Kii-Tanabe (~3 hr)

     Pick-up tour documents at Tanabe Tourist Information Center

     Drop off bags KUMANO TRAVEL Support Center for luggage shuttle to accommodation

     Bus from Kii-Tanabe to Kawayu Onsen (~2 hr)

     Stay in Kawayu Onsen (Fujiya Ryokan, Kawayu Midoriya, or similar)


 Itinerary Map


Soak in Kawayu Onsen
A geological wonder: Hot spring in the river!
Eat local cuisine
Immerse yourself in Japan’s country side culinary traditions.
Stay in a diversity of accommodations
From hot spring Japanese inns in the mountains, to family run guest houses along the pilgrimage route:  There is a diversity of authentic lodging along the way
Walk Kumano Kodo
Ancient pilgrimage route network in the Kii mountains.
Day Guided
Journey with Kumano Kodo local guides.
Visit Kumano Hongu Taisha
One of the three Kumano grand shrines.
Soak in Yunomine Onsen
Japan’s spiritual hot spring on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route with over 1800 years of history.
Visit Kumano Hayatama Taisha
One of the three Kumano grand shrines.
Traditional Boat Experience
Kumano-gawa river pilgrimage trip.
Visit Katsuura Onsen
Hot spring fishing port on Pacific coast.
Visit Kumano Nachi Taisha
Home to Japan’s tallest waterfall.
(OPTION) Exclusive Seasonal Tour of Hidden Nachisan
Join us on an exclusive seasonal hiking tour beyond the magnificent Nachi Waterfall to a mysterious, prohibited area of Nachisan’s sacred primeval landscape. The tour includes a forest and river hike to hidden waterfalls normal not accessible to the general public—a rare chance to experience this forbidden spiritual site!


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Exclusive Seasonal Tour of Hidden Nachisan*
62,000 yen/person based on two people in group.