Kumano International Professional Guide Training 2023

  • Onsite guide training

  • Kumano Hongu Heritage Center

  • Hosshinmon-oji

  • Kawayu Onsen

  • Kumano Hongu Taisha

  • Sacred Kumano

  • Bento lunch box

  • Oyunohara at Kumano Hongu Taisha

  • Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail

  • Onsite training at Oyunohara

  • Onsite training presentation

  • Risk management onsite training

  • Onsite training

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Are you an English-speaking guide for the Kumano Kodo?

Are you looking for a way to improve your guiding skills and become a more independent and professional guide?

The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau is offering its second Kumano International Professional Guide Training, which focuses on improving and supporting foreign inbound tourist (FIT) based guides in anticipation of the return of visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo and Koyasan. 
This is an all-inclusive (except for the first day's lunch), two-day course on Saturday & Sunday, January 21-22, 2023, in Hongu, Tanabe City, the first of its kind in the country.

All English except for workshops that include local service providers.

The program offers a two-day program: one day in seminar, the other on the trail.
Participants will receive an original text and a completion certificate at the end.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 p.m., December 23 (Friday), 2022.


Jan 21~22, 2023
Adult 60,000 yen

 Tour Overview


Spend two days of unique guide training in Hongu, Tanabe City, Wakayama -- one day in seminar at Kumano Hongu Heritage Center, and the next day onsite training on the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo trail.

WHEN January 21~22, 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)
ROUTE  Hongu | Kawayu Onsen | Hongu 
DURATION 2 days & 1 night
OVERNIGHT Kawayu Onsen
ROOMS Single
MAXIMUM 10 participants
MINIMUM  3 participants
TYPE Professional Instructor, guided
RECOMMENDED FOR English-speaking guides with 2nd Lvl Proficiency or TOEIC 750
MAPS Kumano Kodo Hosshinmon~Hongu TaishaHongu Map


 Storytelling and Themes

 Safety and Risk Management

 Practical Onsite Training on the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo

 Guide-to-Guide Idea Exchange

 Professional Feedback from Locally Licensed Guides


 Original Kumano International Professional Guide Training text

 1 Night of accommodation (Including onsen tax)

 1 Supper, 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch



 Transportation to and from Hongu

 First day's lunch

 Miscellaneous personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, shopping, etc.


● The Kumano Kodo is a mountain trail with sections unpaved, uneven surfaces of dirt, roots and cobblestones.  Please wear appropriate footwear.

● For clothes it is best to bring layered clothes, such as a fleece jacket and an outer shell. Snow is rare in the mountains of the southern Kii peninsula, but there are chances of freezing overnight.  More Kumano Kodo Tips & Safety information.

● Training itinerary may change depending on local circumstances and/or weather.

Any questions? Contact us!


      Introductory online session: "What kind of guide do you want to be?" (90 min)



     Seminar at Kumano Hongu Heritage Center Hall (AM, PM)

     Tanabe City Fire Department Kumano Kodo-specific presentation

     Shuttle from Hongu Heritage Center to Kawayu Onsen (~10 min)

     Hear comments to guides from Kawayu Midoriya hotel manager

     Stay in Kawayu Onsen (Kawayu Midoriya)

     Open session with fellow guides (Guests and Guide Philosophy)



Kumano Kodo Focused Training
Guide training specific for Kumano Kodo guides!
Safety & Risk Management Training
Improve risk management skills onsite.
Walk Kumano Kodo
Onsite training on the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo.
Stay in comfortable Kawayu Onsen accommodation
Enjoy a pleasant evening of dinner, bath and company at nearby Kawayu Onsen accommodation.


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