13:00 Departure: May, June, July, September

  • Log Rafting in Dorokyo Gorge

  • Kitayama-gawa River

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Log Rafting in Dorokyo Gorge (Ikada-kudari)



Join us on our traditional log rafts to explore the wonderful Dorokyo Gorge during the summer months on the Kitayama-gawa river.

The cool clear waters, rock cliffs, and green forests are a feast for the senses!

This plan is available for:

● May: Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays
● June: Saturdays and Sundays
● July, September: Runs daily and National Holidays except Thursdays.

Departure Time: 13:00


May, June, July, September
Adult 6,000 yen
Child(10 to 11) 3,000 yen


Tour Schedule
REGISTRATION LOCATION: Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center, in Kitayama Village. (FREE PARKING)

Address: 476 Kitayama-mura, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, 647-1604
Telephone: 0735-49-2324
Mapcode: 542 068 297*53

REGISTATION TIME: 11:30 ~ 12:40

※ Please make sure to register on time, because if you are late you will miss the tour.

REGISTRATION: Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center 11:30 ~ 12:40

Bus departs: 13:00
Start of Tour: 13:20
End of Tour: 14:30
Bus departs: 14:40

TOUR END: Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center 15:00

NOTE: Please use toilets before the start of the tour as there are no toilet facilities during the tour.
What to Bring
This tour takes place in the river, so there will be some splashing and parts of your lower body will get wet.

Here is the list of the clothes recommended:

1. Footwear that is OK to get wet.  No bare feet allowed.
2. Shorts
3. Hat and sunscreen.
4. A change of clothes that you can change into after the tour.

NOTE: Lifejackets are supplied, and required to wear.

Coin-lockers are available at the Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center.
Age and Other Limitations

● Only guests between the ages of 10 and 75 are eligible for this tour.
● Pregnant women are not able to join the tour.
● Those under the influence of alcohol are not accepted.

Where to Stay & Parking
We recommend staying the night before or after the tour at Okutoro Onsen Yama-no-Yado.  

This accommodation features an onsen bath, and is next to the departure area for the Log Rafting tour.

Need more adventure, check out other outdoor adventures in Kitayama such as rafting and shower climbing.  
You can get this information at the Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center on site.

Free parking available at Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center.
Tour Cancellation

If tours are cancelled because of bad weather, your credit card will be refunded full price of the tour.

Needed Information
Please supply the following information in the comments box when booking.

Required Information
● Name of accommodation where you are staying the night before tour
● How you are travelling to Kitayama

NOTE: WITHOUT this information we are NOT able to process the booking.
Access Information



Kitayama is an isolated village with VERY limited access with public transport (only two busses each day).

If you are planning to travel to Kitayama on the day that you participate in the 10:40 or 13:00 tourYou will need to take the 9:10 bus from Kumanoshi.



If you stay in Katsuura or Shingu you will need to take early local trains.






(transfer trains)

7:18 7:42




(transfer to bus)

7:47 8:22




9:10 10:10


NOTE: It is NOT possible to arrive in Kitayama using public transport for the tours on the same day if you stay in Shirahama.


ONLY TWO  busses run daily to/from Kitayama (Okutoro Koen) and JR Kumano-shi station in Mie Prefecture.

Busses are small community vehicles run by the name "Kitayama Sonnei Bus 北山村営バス".

● ~60 min by bus from the JR Kumano-shi Station (Kitayama Sonei Bus), bus timetable >>

●~1 hour 20 minutes by bus from JR Kumano-shi Station by Onuma-guchi bus stop (Mie Kotsu) and 40 minutes by walk from Onuma-guchi bus stop to Okutoro Koen.


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