Luggage Shuttle Service, Tanabe/Shirahama Accommodation to Hongu Area



 Luggage shuttle service from Tanabe, Shirahama accommodation to accommodation in Hongu.

NOTE: Some accommodations are not able to have luggage pick-up, such as Altier Hotel or Konyamachiya.

The prices depends on the number of pieces you will be shuttling. Please place this price plan into your cart and input the number of pieces of luggage in the request/comments box during the reservation request process.

We will confirm the price for you during request processing.


● IMPORTANT: Daily luggage shuttle service needs to be booked at least 10 days in advance.


Shirahama, Tanabe area to Hongu area
1 pieces 6,600 yen
2 pieces 6,600 yen
3 pieces 7,700 yen
4 pieces 8,800 yen
5 pieces 9,900 yen
6 pieces 11,000 yen
7 pieces 12,100 yen
8 pieces 13,200 yen
9 pieces 14,300 yen
10 pieces 15,400 yen
11 pieces 16,500 yen


Pick-up Locations
● No transfer of breakable items available.
● Please do not leave valuables in your luggage. Carry them with you.
● No transfer of pets.
● Frozen or refrigerated goods.
● Fireworks, gas, or other flammable materials.


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*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
Contents Type * Travel Service
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