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NOTE: Reservation requests must be made at least 7 days in advance.
Kumano Travel is a local, community-based initiative, created to provide quality information, services, and products so visitors can fully experience all the area has to offer. Why book with Kumano Travel?

Kumano is a spiritual region of Japan located in the southern reaches of the mountainous Kii Peninsula blessed with a rich pilgrimage tradition, isolated hot springs, and welcoming countryside hospitality.

How to Book. Reservations are done in a two step process: 1. Reservation Request and then 2. Finalize Booking. This site does not stock rooms or services: bookings are done on a request basis and not in real time.

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Kumano Kodo Trek - 5 days | Nakahechi, Takijiri to Hongu, Shingu & Nachi

Mixed style room, Supper & Breakfast, Meals in dining room

Log Rafting in Dorokyo Gorge (Ikada-kudari)
13:00 Departure: August

Luggage Shuttle (Yamato Transport)
Hongu Shuttle (Between sites in the Hongu area: Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, Watarase Onsen, Hongu)

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