Kumano Kodo Ocean Trail Pilgrimage Sea Kayaking Tour (for Experienced Kayakers)

  • Kumano Kodo Ocean Trail Pilgrimage Sea Kayaking Experience

  • Guide

  • Pre-trip briefing

  • Map of coastal inlet

  • On the Kumano Kodo

  • Enjoy a sea Kayaking pilgrimage

  • Mountains with coastal village

  • Arriving at floating clubhouse

  • Floating clubhouse

  • Floating clubhouse

  • Bath on floating clubhouse

  • Delicous Lunch BBQ!

  • Delicous Lunch BBQ!

  • Asuka-jinja Shrine

  • Asuka-jinja Shrine

  • Giant trees at Asuka-jinja Shrine

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The “Kumano Kodo Ocean Trail Pilgrimage Sea Kayaking Experience” is a unique adventure which retraces the waterway route that pilgrims took through this bay when walking the Kumano Kodo Iseji route from Ise Jingu to the Kumano Sanzan shrines during medieval times.

On arrival in the village of Sone, a private BBQ lunch of fresh seafood and other local produce takes place on a floating clubhouse where local people often meet to socialize and enjoy good food and drinks together.

After the BBQ lunch there is a short walking tour of a historic shrine with massive old-growth trees.

This is a fun way to incorporate some modern sea kayaking with the history and atmosphere of the Kumano Kodo Iseji route in a dramatic natural setting.  

Set Tour dates are once a month from the beginning of July to the end of October.  For groups of 4 or more, trips are available on other dates.  For these private, custom tours, please apply at least one month in advance.  For more information about private tours, please indicate your requests in the Note section below.

NOTE: For experienced paddlers only.  Must be able to steer kayak and paddle ~6 km.

IMPORTANT: Please include age of children in notes box.

◆ Rental Periods ◆

- July to October.

- November to June. Wet suit rental is required, so please plan accordingly in advance.

NOTE: Wet suits may be required even from July to October as well depending on weather conditions and water temperature. In that case, a separate fee will be charged. Thank you for your understanding.


Year-round (July to October)
Adult 18,700 yen
Child (10 to 12) 17,600 yen
Year-round (November to June)
Adult 22,300 yen
Child (10 to 12) 21,200 yen


Tour Time
● 8:30 start
● 15:00 finish

NOTE: Tours run from beginning of July to end of October.
Included in Price
● Guide fee
● Sea Kayak set rental, including lifejacket and small waterproof bag
● Insurance
● Lunch
● facility fee

◆ Rental Periods ◆
November to June. Wet suit rental is required, so please plan accordingly in advance.
* Wet suits may be required even during July to October depending on weather conditions and water temperature. In that case, a separate fee will be charged. Thank you for your understanding.
What to Wear
● Swimming suit
● Clothes to wear over swimming suit.  Quick drying materials are best.  Avoid cotton, no jeans.
● During colder days, a paddling jacket or wind or rain jacket is recommended.
● Shoes that are OK to get wet.  No sandals, but crocks are OK.
● Hat that is OK to get wet.  One with a strap under the chin is important so that it will not get blown off.  There can be lots of sun which reflects off the water so one that covers the neck at the back is also good.
What to Bring
● Sunglasses
● Sunscreen
● Strap for glasses
● Water bottle, or something to drink

NOTE: If you wear contact lenses, soft ones are recommended.
● 10 and over are OK to join experience.  But must be accompanied by an adult or parent.
● Weight limit : within 100 kg.
● Minimum number of guests are 4 and maximum 8.  (please let us know if you have other numbers of people)
● Tour may change depending on weather and water conditions.
● All outdoor activities (including sea kayaking) have some risks involved.  Guests participate at their own risk.



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NOTE: All requests subject to availability.
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The service providers accept the reservation based on the type of vegetarian selected at time of booking. Please understand and respect this and DO NOT change the vegetarian type onsite, directly with the service providers.

Please write in detail about this request. For example, if there are different number of people with different needs. Also exactly what each guest cannot eat.

Name of Accommodation the Night Before Stay, Tour, Activity, etc. *
Height and weight* Please include height and weight of participants in notes box, so that the appropriate size of lifejacket can be prepared.