How to Book

Reservations with KUMANO TRAVEL are made in a two-step process:

1.Make Reservation Request

2.Pay to Finalize Booking

Select your desired accommodation, tour & activity, or travel service to add to your shopping cart. Once you have added all of your products and services, make a reservation request. When the reservation is processed, full payment is made to confirm the booking.

Model Itineraries are sample travel plans to help you organize your trip. You can use them as they are or adjust them to your needs. It is a simplified way to add products and services to your shopping cart. The ultimate tool to personalizing your journey to Kumano!


Make Reservation Request


    Search for accommodations, tours & activities, or travel services.


    Select desired service or product price plan.


    Add to cart. You can add multiple plans to your cart.


    Review your requested items list and agree to the terms and conditions.


    Send your reservation request for processing by KUMANO TRAVEL staff who will contact service providers on your behalf.


Pay to Finalize Booking


    Once your reservation request is completed you will receive a ‶Processed Reservation Request″ e-mail.


    Login into to your MyPage account.


    Review the contents and price of booking.


    Agree to the terms and conditions then make full payment with credit to confirm your reservation.

    NOTE: This part must be performed within 48 hours of receiving the ‶Processed Reservation Request″ e-mail or your reservation may be cancelled.


    Please download, print, and bring your voucher with you on your trip, as it may be necessary to show it to the accomodation or service provider.

Detailed Explanations

Accommodations, Tours & Activities, Travel Services

Making reservations for accommodations, tours & activities, and travel services follow the same general pattern.

Model Itineraries

Making reservations via the Model Itinerary samples is a convenient way to add relevant options easily to your cart.

E-mail Correspondence & Safe List

During the reservation process you will receive a minimum of 4 e-mails - 3 to complete the reservation process, and 1 follow-up mail after your visit.

These e-mails are important and form the foundation of your reservation.

Please keep all e-mails exchanged with KUMANO TRAVEL for verification if needed.

1.Received Reservation Request

This will verify that we have received your reservation request.

If you did not receive this e-mail it may have been blocked or filtered. It is the guest's responsibility to insure e-mail correspondence is allowed from our e-mail address (please refer to the e-mail safe list below).

NOTE: This does not confirm your reservation.

2.Processed Reservation Request

Your reservation request has been processed and requires payment to finalize your reservation. Login to your MyPage account, review your reservation, and make payment.

NOTE: Payment is due within 48 hours of receiving this e-mail. Unfortunately if payment is not received by then, your reservation may be cancelled.

Terms & Conditions

3.Confirmed Reservation

Your reservation has been confirmed.

NOTE: Please print out your voucher and bring it with you on your trip. You may be asked to show them to the accommodation or service provider.


How was your trip? We ask your cooperation to fill out our guest feedback forms.

Your input is valuable and appreciated by us and future visitors, the backbone of our efforts to improve our services, products, and community.

New MyChat Message Notifications

When a new MyChat message has been sent to you a “New MyChat Message Notification” e-mail is forwarded.

Please login to your MyPage account to read and reply to these MyChat messages.

Please always communicate through KUMANO TRAVEL’s MyChat function with reservation staff and service providers using this service.

More about MyChat >>

E-mail Safe List

Our e-mails may be confused for Spam or Junk mail and filtered by your e-mail or virus software. To make sure that you receive these important e-mails, please add our e-mail address or domain to your contacts, safe list, or white list.

Our e-mail addresses are: mail_adress.gif
Our domain is:

If you are not sure how to do this check with your e-mail or virus software provider. There is also information online about e-mail safe lists and white lists, which a quick internet search will produce.

Thank you for your cooperation.