Traditional Kimono Experience at Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie

  • Left: Kimono of Samurai , Right: Court noble Hunter-wear

Traditional Costume Experience with Kumashiroya



Have you ever dreamed of being a member of the Japanese imperial family?  

Well this is your chance!

Traditional Kimonos from ancient Japan are available for rental at Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie Lodging.  

These clothes are the symbol of the Kumano Kodo because the pilgrimage began with the nobles of Kyoto during the period that these elaborate clothes were worn in the ancient imperial court. This is a fun way to spend your evening in Koguchi!

● Prices are per person.

Minimum of 3 people required to apply for experience at Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie.


Tsubo-shozoku type Kimono, for women (adult)
Adult 3,500 yen
Hitatare type Kimono of Samurai, for men (adult)
Adult 3,500 yen
Court noble Hunter-wear, for men (adult)
Adult 3,500 yen
Access Information

This activity takes place at Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie Lodging.

Heian Kimono Experience

One hour for the experience.


It takes between 5~15 minutes to change into the Kimonos. You can wear the costumes for the remaining portion of the hour.

Starting Time: 17:00

Kimonos are only able to be wore inside the building.  It is not possible to go outside.

Minimum of 3 people required to apply for experience at Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie.


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