Luggage Shuttle Service, Hongu area to Nachi-Katsuura Area

Luggage Shuttle (Kodo-no-Mori)


TThis is a luggage shuttle service between accommodations in the Hongu area (eg. Kawayu Onsen, Yunomine Onsen, Hongu) to accommodations in the Nachi-Katsuura area.

This popular with both walkers on the Kumano Kodo and those doing sightseeing when travelling between Hongu and Nachi/Katsuura.  This way you can visit the sites without worrying about where to store you luggage.

This luggage shuttle can be done in both directions.


●Daily luggage shuttle service needs to be booked at least 10 days in advance.

●Online booking for the luggage shuttle services is only available if "all accommodations (pick-up/drop-off) are booked via Kumano Travel". 

● Price is based on number of per pieces of luggage.
● There is an additional charge for each additional piece of luggage.


Luggage Shuttle Service, Hongu area to Nachi-Katsuura area
1 piece(s) 5,000 yen
2 piece(s) 6,000 yen
3 piece(s) 7,000 yen
4 piece(s) 8,000 yen
5 piece(s) 9,000 yen
6 piece(s) 10,000 yen
7 piece(s) 11,000 yen
8 piece(s) 12,000 yen
9 piece(s) 13,000 yen
10 piece(s) 14,000 yen
11 piece(s) 15,000 yen
12 piece(s) 16,000 yen
13 piece(s) 17,000 yen
14 piece(s) 18,000 yen
15 piece(s) 19,000 yen
16 piece(s) 20,000 yen
17 piece(s) 21,000 yen
18 piece(s) 22,000 yen
19 piece(s) 23,000 yen
20 piece(s) 24,000 yen


● No transfer of breakable items available.
● Please do not leave valuables in your luggage. Carry them with you.
● No transfer of pets.
● Frozen or refrigerated goods.
● Fireworks, gas, or other flammable materials.
● No poisonous substances.


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*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
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