Cafe & Guest House Engawa

  • Cafe & Guest House Engawa

    Cafe & Guest House Engawa

  • Inside cafe

    Inside cafe

  • Inside cafe

    Inside cafe

  • Family portrait

    Family portrait

  • Sample supper

    Sample supper

  • Sample breakfast

    Sample breakfast

  • Outside covered area

    Outside covered area

  • Guestroom


  • Goemon outdoor bath

    Goemon outdoor bath

  • Outside covered area

    Outside covered area

  • House located on hillside

    House located on hillside

  • Goat


  • Wood stove in cafe

    Wood stove in cafe

  • Washing machine and washing area

    Washing machine and washing area

  • Bio-toilet


  • Entrance to house

    Entrance to house


Rustic Farmhouse Stay

At the end of a windy road, in the forested mountains of the Kii peninsula, is the simplistic Café and Guest House Engawa. This family of 7 lives in an old farmhouse, which they have renovated into a small café and guestroom. Much of the construction has been done by the owner and his children, including a classic iron, outdoor wood heated bath; a unique experience and a calm place to stargaze from! Ingredients are sources locally for their vegetarian focused meals. Goats, chickens, and a friendly dog also live on the property. The bio-toilet, washbasin, and bath are all shared with the family. This rustic home-stay farmhouse get-away is located off-the-beaten path, so for those without a vehicle a pick-up and drop-off service is provided from nearby locations such as Koguchi and Hongu.

Full Name

Cafe & Guest House Engawa
カフェ & ゲストハウス 縁ga環


Koguchi, Kumanogawa




450 Nishi-shikiya, Kumanogawa-cho, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture 647-1221
〒647-1221 和歌山県新宮市熊野川町西敷屋450

Map Code 

478 411 162*60




15:00 - 18:00


by 10:00

 Price Plan(s)

Cafe & Guest House Engawa

  • Supper & Breakfast
    12,200 yen~


Western Style Yes
Japanese Style No
Mixed Style No
Other Style No
Number of Rooms 1
Maximum Guests 4
● Futon mattress on wooden flooring.
● Guestroom is above cafe.
  • Desk
Summer: Fan
Winter: Kerosene heater
  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Slippers


Shared Indoor Yes
Shared Outdoor Yes
Shared Sauna No
Privately Reserved No
Ensuite Indoor No
Ensuite Outdoor No
● Outdoor goemon wood heated bath.
● Basic indoor shower.


From 18:00

● Vegetarian focused meals
● Meals served in the cafe

Vegetarian Meals

 : Included  : Not Included

  • : Meat
  • : Fish & Seafood
  • : Eggs
  • : Dairy Products
  • : Katsuo Dashi (fish stock)
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E

Vegetarianism is not common in the Japanese countryside. Please double-check the Vegetarian Type which the service provider can accommodate to make sure that it meets your needs. Often being able to eat trace amounts of the ubiquitous Katsuo Dashi (fish stock) makes it easier to find options.

More Information

NOTE: It is difficult and not culturally sensitive to change meal requests, or make new meal demands, onsite when you arrive at accommodations. Vegetarian types must be confirmed during the reservation process and respected during your visit.

 Facilities & Services

  • Free Wi-Fi (Guestroom)
  • Free Wi-Fi (Lobby)
  • Credit Card
  • Not accepted
  • Traveler's Cheques
  • Not accepted
  • Language
    Basic English
    ● No stores in the immediate area
  • Shuttle service
  • Shipping
  •  Access

    Access Information
    Located in an isolated valley at the end of a road. 
    ● No public bus access.
    Shuttle Service
    Shuttle available to/from Hongu, Koguchi, Ukegawa and Hosshinmon-oji. 

    It is about 20~30 minutes from each destination.
    Free, up to four vehicles.