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Simple Rental House

The basic rental house, “guest house shitanoie,” is located in the rustic landscape of Fushiogami in the Hongu area with minimal services for independent guests. The owner is a former teacher from Osaka who fell in love with Kumano while visiting for a week in 2012. It inspired him to move to Hongu with his family and open an environmentally friendly inn that made guests feel like they were visiting the home of a beloved relative! The recently renovated woody interior exudes warmth and harmony. And there is a view of the Kumanogawa River from the second floor. This guest house suits both city folk hoping to get away and those nostalgic for the countryside. Guest house shitanoie is located just 10 minutes by bus from Kumano Hongu Taisha--easy access to sites in the Hongu hot spring area (Hongu Yunomine Onsen , Kawayu Onsen , Wataze / Watarase Onsen).

Great for a relaxing staff for trekkers on the Kohechi (right on the trail!) and Nakahechi.
● This guest house uses eco-friendly composting toilets.
● Self-check-in.  Check-in details will be provided by the owner through MyChat of the KUMANO TRAVEL account after reservation and payment are completed.

Full Name

guest house shitanoie
guest house シタノイエ


Hongu, Fushiogami


Guesthouse/B&B, Rental House


927-4 Fushiogami, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, 647-1743
〒647-1743 和歌山県田辺市本宮町伏拝927-4

Map Code 

478 406 404*30


16:00 - 21:00


by 10:00

Rating & Reviews


Reception & Service

 Price Plan(s)

guest house shitanoie

  • No Meals
    6,600 yen~

guest house shitanoie

  • Supper & Breakfast
    9,900 yen~

guest house shitanoie

  • Supper, Breakfast & Lunch box
    11,000 yen~

 Sanitation and Hygienic Measures

■ This accommodation follows guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19.


Western Style Yes
Japanese Style No
Mixed Style No
Other Style No
Number of Rooms 2
Maximum Guests 7
There is a western-style guest room on both the first and second floors.
Non-smoking accommodation.
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • Kotatsu heated table
  • Microwave
  • Desk
Heated table (kotatsu) will be available from November to about May.
  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Room interiors with warm wood features.

Spectacular view of the Kumano-gawa River

Books corner related to Kumano and nature.

Naccha, a local specialty tea of Hongu.


Shared Indoor Yes
Shared Outdoor No
Shared Sauna No
Privately Reserved No
Ensuite Indoor No
Ensuite Outdoor No


Dinner Box Set.
Breakfast box delivered by Cafe Bond at 7:00AM.
Lunch box bento delivered with breakfast.

 Dinner Box
 Delivered by Cafe Bond around 19:00.
 Breakfast box delivered by Cafe Bond at 7:00.
 Lunch box bento delivered with breakfast.

※Regarding allergies
 We apologize, but unable to provide gluten-free meals.
● Free use of kitchen.

Vegetarian Meals

 : Included  : Not Included

  • : Meat
  • : Fish & Seafood
  • : Eggs
  • : Dairy Products
  • : Katsuo Dashi (fish stock)
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E

Vegetarianism is not common in the Japanese countryside. Please double-check the Vegetarian Type which the service provider can accommodate to make sure that it meets your needs. Often being able to eat trace amounts of the ubiquitous Katsuo Dashi (fish stock) makes it easier to find options.

More Information

NOTE: It is difficult and not culturally sensitive to change meal requests, or make new meal demands, onsite when you arrive at accommodations. Vegetarian types must be confirmed during the reservation process and respected during your visit.

 Facilities & Services

  • Free Wi-Fi (Guestroom)
  • Credit Card
  • Not accepted
  • Language
    Very basic English
    ● No smoking inside.
    Designated smoking section outside with ashtrays.


    Access Information
    NOTE: This accommodation is not in the mountains along the Nakahechi Kumano Kodo route, but rather in the valley near the river.

    ■ On foot

    ~20 minutes (1.5 km) walk east on foot from Fushiogami-guchi bus stop.

    ~5 min west from Michi-no-eki Okukumano bus stop in Hongu.

    ■ By bus 
    About 5 minutes by Ryujin Bus from Hongu Taisha-mae to Michi-no-Eki Okukumano bus stop, then about 5 minutes on foot.

    About 30 minutes by Ryujin Bus or Nara Kotsu Bus from Kawayu Onsen and Yunomine Onsen to Michi-no-Eki Okukumano bus stop, then about 5 minutes on foot.
    Shuttle Service
    Free Shuttle from Hongu Taisha-mae bus stop in front of the Hongu Heritage Center.

    *Please note, on certain dates we may not be able to meet your desired pick-up time.
    Free parking available for up to 2 vehicles.