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Gyoja Minshuku Taiyo-no-Yu


Gyoja Minshuku Taiyo-no-Yu is an older Japanese inn located in the mountain community of Totsukawa Onsen famous for its non-circulating high quality hot spring water.

This plan does not include meals.


Year-round (from November 2023)
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 5,300 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 5,300 yen
Child (7 to 11) 3,300 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 2,400 yen
New Year’s Holiday (from November 2023)
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,600 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 8,600 yen
Child (7 to 11) 5,500 yen
Toddler (0 to 6) 4,600 yen

 Onsen Tax

150 yen
(per person per night)
Please pay directly to the accommodation. The onsen tax is charged by municipal governments throughout Japan to all hot spring accommodations. 

Depending on the way accommodations do their accounting for this tax, some request to be paid 150 yen directly.



Room Style
Bed Type
No bath in guestroom
Shared western style
● No smoking in rooms.The smoking area is outside.
● Free Wi-Fi


No meals


By 10:00
In the mountains it gets dark quickly after sunset especially along the forested Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.  For your safety, it is highly recommended to properly plan to arrive at your accommodation before sunset.


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