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    KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse

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Koguchi Handmade Cottage

KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse is located in the upper reaches of the isolated Koguchi settlement in the middle of the Kumano Kodo, Ogumotori-goe and Kogumotori-goe sections.  The building was built by the owner who often travelled to India.  His trips inspired him with the name, the extended MAA in Kumano means mother, to interprete the great mother nature of the sacred Kumano mountains.  Surrounding the cottage are mountains and forests with patches of agricultural land fashioned out of the slopes.  The meals are focused around organic vegetables grown in nearby gardens.  The owner welcomes people to enjoy the unique setting.

This cottage is for private use.  Only one booking per day starting from 2 guests.  Single occupancy is not accepted.

Full Name

KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse
農家民泊 ゲストハウス クマァノ




Guesthouse/B&B, Rental House


122-1 Oyama, Kumanogawa-cho, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture 647-1203
〒647-1203 和歌山県新宮市熊野川町大山1561

Map Code 

776 897 116*58


15:00 - 18:00


by 09:00

Rating & Reviews


Reception & Service

 Price Plan(s)

KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse

  • Supper, Breakfast & Lunch box
    9,300 yen~

KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse

  • Supper & Breakfast
    8,800 yen~

KUMAANO Farm & Guesthouse

  • No Meals
    5,500 yen~


Western Style No
Japanese Style Yes
Mixed Style No
Other Style No
Number of Rooms 2
Maximum Guests 8
There are two Japanese style rooms.  For groups of 6 and over two rooms can be used.

The house is non-smoking.
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Desk
  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Body-wash
  • Toothbrush set
  • Hair dryer
  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Yukata Japanese bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Tea
  • Coffee


Shared Indoor No
Shared Outdoor No
Shared Sauna No
Privately Reserved No
Ensuite Indoor No
Ensuite Outdoor Yes
● The boiler for the bath is a wood burning stove.  Please do not remove the water from the bath after use as this will break the boiler.

● The shower is solar heated, so in winter when there is less sunlight it may not be that hot.


Homemade meals served in the cottage. 18:30~19:30
Western style meals served in the cottage. 6:00~

● Breakfast is bread, salad, fruits, coffee, etc.

NOTE: Vegetarian request are accepted, but not allergy requests.

Vegetarian Meals

 : Included  : Not Included

  • : Meat
  • : Fish & Seafood
  • : Eggs
  • : Dairy Products
  • : Katsuo Dashi (fish stock)
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E

Vegetarianism is not common in the Japanese countryside. Please double-check the Vegetarian Type which the service provider can accommodate to make sure that it meets your needs. Often being able to eat trace amounts of the ubiquitous Katsuo Dashi (fish stock) makes it easier to find options.

More Information

NOTE: It is difficult and not culturally sensitive to change meal requests, or make new meal demands, onsite when you arrive at accommodations. Vegetarian types must be confirmed during the reservation process and respected during your visit.

 Facilities & Services

  • Coin laundry
  • Internet
  • Free Wi-Fi (Guestroom)
  • Free Wi-Fi (Lobby)
  • Credit Card
  • Not accepted
  • Traveler's Cheques
  • Not accepted
  • Language
    Basic English
    Mini kitchen with electric stove, microwave oven, condiments, etc. is available for use.
  • Shuttle service
  • Shipping
  • Notes
    ● Washing machine and detergent free to use.
    ● Shoe drying machine available.


    Access Information
    ● ~35 min walk from Koguchi bus stop.
    ● Pick-up available in Koguchi.
    Shuttle Service
    ● Shuttle available to accommodation from Koguchi.  Please call from the payphone near the Ogumotori-goe trailhead opposite the old Minakata shop.
    Free for one vehicle.