Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

    Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Bed room

    Bed room

  • Main area of house

    Main area of house

  • Living room

    Living room

  • Main area of house

    Main area of house

  • Main area of house

    Main area of house

  • Kitchen


  • Washing area

    Washing area

  • Washing area

    Washing area

  • Bath room

    Bath room

  • Bathroom change area

    Bathroom change area

  • Hashiori-jaya Cafe (check-in & breakfast)

    Hashiori-jaya Cafe (check-in & breakfast)

  • Hashiori-jaya Cafe (check-in & breakfast)

    Hashiori-jaya Cafe (check-in & breakfast)


Chikatsuyu Rental House

Momiji-no-Sato is a small rental house at the east end of the sleepy main street of Chikatsuyu village, directly on the Kumano Kodo route. 

This reformed house has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath and toilet.  A large wooden table is the center of the living space.

There are two bicycles for free use to cruise around the village.

Meals are supplied by the Hashiori-jaya cafe near the Chikatsuyu-oji.  Check-in is also done here. 

Supper is a bento style delivered to the accommodation, breakfast is served at the cafe where the lunch box is given to guests.

Private Rental: Only one booking per day.  If you reserve this rental house you do not share it with others.

Full Name

Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato




Rental House


1111-1 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechi-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-1402
〒646-1402 和歌山県田辺市中辺路町近露1111-1

Map Code 

615 823 402*77


Google Area


15:00 - 16:00


by 10:00

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Reception & Service

 Price Plan(s)

Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Rental House | Supper, Breakfast & Lunch box
    13,000 yen~

Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Rental House: Supper, Breakfast
    12,400 yen~

Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Rental House | Supper
    11,700 yen~

Minshuku Momiji-no-Sato

  • Rental House | No Meal
    10,400 yen~


Western Style No
Japanese Style Yes
Number of Rooms 1
Maximum Guests 5
● The entire house is Non-smoking.
● Please layout the futon by yourself.
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • Microwave
  • Desk
  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Body-wash
  • Hair dryer
  • Face towel
  • Bath towel
  • Slippers
  • Tea


Shared Indoor No
Shared Outdoor No
Shared Sauna No
Privately Reserved No
Ensuite Indoor Yes
Ensuite Outdoor No
The bath and shower can be used at anytime.


Japanese style Bento box, delivered by Cafe Hashiori-jaya between 17:00-18:00
Western style, served at Cafe Hashiori-jaya from 7:00-10:00. Please bring breakfast coupon.
Japanese style Bento box, pick up at Cafe Hashiori-jaya. Please bring Bento coupon.

● Can cater to vegetarian meals by request.
● Sorry, we cannot cater to food allergies.

※Coupons for Breakfast and Lunch will be delivered with Supper bento box. 
※Please bring these coupons to the cafe Hashiori-jaya in the morning when you eat breakfast.

● Addiotional order when breakfast at Hasiori-jaya
The following menu can be ordered for an additional fee during breakfast at Chopstick Ori Chaya.
Toast ... 100 yen per piece
Coffee ... 200 yen per cup
Boiled egg ... 100 yen per egg
Please note that boiled eggs are not available on some days.

Vegetarian Meals

 : Included  : Not Included

  • : Meat
  • : Fish & Seafood
  • : Eggs
  • : Dairy Products
  • : Katsuo Dashi (fish stock)
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E

Vegetarianism is not common in the Japanese countryside. Please double-check the Vegetarian Type which the service provider can accommodate to make sure that it meets your needs. Often being able to eat trace amounts of the ubiquitous Katsuo Dashi (fish stock) makes it easier to find options.

More Information

NOTE: It is difficult and not culturally sensitive to change meal requests, or make new meal demands, onsite when you arrive at accommodations. Vegetarian types must be confirmed during the reservation process and respected during your visit.

 Facilities & Services

  • Free Wi-Fi (Guestroom)
  • Credit Card
  • Not accepted
  • Traveler's Cheques
  • Not accepted
  • Language
    Japanese only.
  • Bicycle rental
  • Notes
    ● Free use of washing machine and detergent


    Access Information
    Busses run daily to Chikatsuyu from Kii-Tanabe Station, Shirahama and Hongu.
    ● ~1 hour by bus from Kii-Tanabe Station (bus timetable 1)
    ● ~1 hour by bus from Hongu (bus timetable 2)
    ● ~7 minute walk from "Chikatsuyu-oji 近露王子" bus stop
    ● ~8 minute walk from "Nakahechi Art Museum なかへち美術館" bus stop
    More bus timetables

    IMPORTANT: Check-in is at Hashiori-jaya cafe near Chikatsuyu-oji.  Do not go directly to the rental house.
    Shuttle Service
    Not available.
    Free parking for 1 vehicle