Japanese style twin | Breakfast

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  • Hotel Yamayuri

  • Private outdoor hot spring bath

  • Dining room

Watarase Onsen, Hotel Yamayuri


Hotel Yamayuri, Watarase Onsen, is famous across Japan for its multitude of large baths, both shared and private.  Meals are carefully prepared to bring out the best flavors of the ingredients. The location is beautiful and within easy access to the other onsen in the area, and the Kumano Hongu Taisha, and historic Kumano Kodo route.

This plan is for a Japanese style guestroom with twin beds and includes one meals: breakfast.

Children and Infants
● The price for Child(7-11)/Toddler(3-6) includes meals and bedding.
● If a Toddler(3-6) does not need meals or bedding, only a facility fee 2,400 yen will be charged.
● There is no charge for infants(0-2).
When making a reservation, please specify the ages of your children staying with.

This plan is not available during the busy times Golden week, Obon & New year’s Holiday.


Weekdays & Sundays
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 14,650 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 12,250 yen
Child (7 to 11) 12,100 yen
Toddler (3 to 6) 12,100 yen
Infant (0 to 2) 0 yen
Saturdays & days before national holidays
1 Guest per room
(Price per person)
Adult 17,050 yen
2 Guests per room
(Price per person)
Adult 14,650 yen
Child (7 to 11) 14,500 yen
Toddler (3 to 6) 14,500 yen
Infant (0 to 2) 0 yen



Room Style
Bed Type
No bath in guestroom
Ensuite western style
Non-smoking room


Yes, we can cater to vegetarians on request.
Yes, we can cater to food allergies on request.
Breakfast: Japanese style, served in restaurant from 7:30-8:30


By 11:00
In the mountains it gets dark quickly after sunset especially along the forested Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.  For your safety, it is highly recommended to properly plan to arrive at your accommodation before sunset.


Stay Date *
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*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
NOTE: All requests subject to availability.
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Room Type * Japanese style twin <Bedding in tatami floor> Without bath With toilet Number of Rooms *
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Child (7 to 11)
Toddler (3 to 6)
Infant (0 to 2)
Vegetarian *
Allergies *
Guest(s) with Allergy:

Please write in detail about this request. For example, if there are different number of people with different allergies. Also exactly what each guest cannot eat.

Alternative Choice of Accommodation*

The KUMANO TRAVEL Community Reservation System does not stock rooms or services. In case this accommodation is not available, please write 3 or more alternative choices (where possible) in order of priority in the comment box below.

Infant *
(3 to 6)
(0 to 2)
Infant(s) Bed or Futon
Infant(s) Meal
Please write in detail about this request (Relevant information: age, which room, etc.).