Kumano Kodo Iseji Route, Matsumoto-toge Pass, Hananoiwaya & Onigajo (Guest arrives by own car)

  • Matsumoto-toge Pass

  • Kodo Walkers guides

  • Shichirimihama Beach

  • Hana-no-Iwaya approach

  • Hana-no-Iwaya sacred rope

  • Hana-no-Iwaya Festival

  • Onigajo caves

  • Onigajo walkway

  • Matsumoto-toge Pass

  • Local traditional architecture

Kodo Walkers


This route starts at what some believe is the oldest Shinto shrine, Hana-no-Iwaya, then to the dynamic rock formations of Onigajo, eroded by wind and sea over many millennia. Finally to Matsumoto pass, with its beautiful stone steps leading to the pass with a breathtaking view of Shichirimihama shoreline. This short course is a treasure-trove of cultural and historical significance.

The tour starts from Hana-no-Iwaya parking lot for guests who arrive by their own vehicle. 

The guide will explain Hana-no-Iwaya and Shishi-Iwa for those who arrive at the Hana-no-Iwaya parking lot, then follow the guide to Onigajo Center parking lot in their own vehicle. Leaving their own vehicles, the tour then visits Onigajo, proceeds up and over Matsumoto-toge Pass, and back down to the Onigajo Center parking lot to conclude the tour.



1) 20,100 yen


Tour Outline

Course Name Matsumoto-toge Pass
Distance ~ 3.5 km (on foot)
Time ~ 4 hours
Difficulty Easy
What is a difficulty rating of walking trails?
Meeting Place Michi-no-Eki Kumano Hana-no-Iwaya
parking lot
(Meet guide in front of public toilets)
Meeting Time 8:30
Tour Ending Place Kumanoshi Station
Maps  Hana-no-Iwaya~Atashika
Tour Map

Tour Options

Meeting Time 8:30
Tour Finish 12:30
Tour Options

Meeting Time 13:00
Tour Finish 16:30
※ Please specify which tour time you would like to join when making the reservation request.
Price Notice
※ Set price for up to 10 people per tour (1 guide).
※ 2,010 yen for each additional guest. (2,200 yen each with taxi option)
※ Price does not include cost of guide's lunch.
● wear appropriate clothing (long pants, socks, and hat recommended) and walking shoes.
● be prepared for rain.
● bring a lunch and drinks.


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