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  • Kodo Walkers guides

    Kodo Walkers guides

  • Maruyama Senmaida rice paddy fields

    Maruyama Senmaida rice paddy fields

  • Maruyama Senmaida rice paddy fields

    Maruyama Senmaida rice paddy fields

  • Tori-toge Pass, Iseji

    Tori-toge Pass, Iseji

  • Hadasu


  • Hadasu scenery

    Hadasu scenery

  • Atashika shoreline

    Atashika shoreline

  • Rice harvesting at Maryuyama Senmaida

    Rice harvesting at Maryuyama Senmaida

  • Magose-toge Pass

    Magose-toge Pass

  • Matsumoto-toge Pass viewpoint

    Matsumoto-toge Pass viewpoint


See the Beauty, Feel the History


What is the Kumano Kodo and the Iseji Route

The Kumano Kodo is a network of mountain paths connecting four major religious centers in Japan, Kumano Sanzan, Yoshino, Koya-san, and Ise Jingu. While recently many people have become familiar with the Nakahechi Route of the Kumano Kodo which connects the three Kumano grand shrines with Kyoto and Osaka, the Iseji Route was also very important historically and is now considered one of Kumano's best keep secrets!

The Iseji route connects Ise Jingu with Kumano and was most popular among merchants, commoners, and beggars from about 400 to 150 years ago.

The Iseji route is one of Kumano’s best-kept secrets. Most of these routes offer ancient stone-paved paths with a rich history and spectacular mountain and ocean views. It is the relatively unbeaten path of Kumano! Come see this jewel while it is still pristine.

About the Kodo Walkers

The Kodo Walkers is a group of English Kumano Kodo guides who have the knowledge and passion to provide you with an unforgettable visit to our area.

Our group has been walking the routes and studying their rich history and stories since 2004. We can tell you about the locals, our way of life and major historical figures who have come to visit, stories that really add a whole new dimension to your stay here.

Our local guides hope to be your ambassador to the Iseji, the Kumano region, and beyond while you are here. Please come and discover the beauty of the Iseji.

Full Name

Kodo Walkers
伊勢路のガイド 古道ウォーカーズ


Shingu, Kumano City, Owase, Ise


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