Kumano Kodo Walk, Hosshinmon-oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha

  • View from Fushiogami

  • Hosshinmon-oji

  • Local bento box lunch

  • Kumano Hongu Taisha

  • Amulet

  • Hosshinmon-oji course map

  • Fern along the trail

  • Sangen-jaya stone trail marker

  • Kumano Hongu Taisha with guide

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This ~7 km walk is mix of tranquil mountain top villages and forested trail with panoramic views along the way.  It is mostly downhill with a few short inclines.  The walk begins at the Hosshinmon-oji, one of the most important sites on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route marking the outermost entrance into the divine precincts the Kumano Hongu Taisha.  Hosshinmon-oji is an important spiritual landmarks or gate.“Hosshin” means “spiritual awakening” or “aspiration to enlightenment” and “mon” means “gate”. Passage through this gate was a transformational rite marking initiatory death and rebirth in the Pure Land paradise.  

From this small shrine the trail goes through the sleepy Hosshimon settlement before entering the forest at Mizunomi-oji.  You emerge in the next village called Fushiogami and walk the length of the village to Fushiogami-oji, with its view point into the valley below and Oyunohara.   This is the first point that pilgrims can see their divine goal, the Kumano Hongu Taisha.  There is a toilet here and a small tea house run by local ladies (variably closed).  It is very interesting to see the remote mountain lifestyle in these settlements.

The last half of the walk is in the forest with some view points and ancient cobblestone sections of trail.  The tour finishes with a visit to the austere Grand Shrine, Kumano Hongu Taisha.  After the tour it is common to continue to the nearby Oyunohara, former shrine ground, and the world’s largest Torii gate, to conclude your walk.


Year-round (from October 2023)
1) 25,600 yen


Tour Outline

Course Name Hosshinmon-Oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha (Oyunohara)
Distance ~7 km
Time ~6.5 hours
(not including bus transport times)
Difficulty 2
What is a difficulty rating of walking trails?
Meeting Place In front of Kumano Hongu Heritage Center. From here we will take a public bus to Hosshinmon-oji (470 yen, not included in tour).  
Tour Ending Place Kumano Hongu Taisha (熊野本宮大社)
Maps Kumano Kodo Hosshinmon~Hongu Taisha, Hongu Map

Tour Options
Meeting Time 8:00
End of Tour ~13:30

Meeting Time 9:00
End of Tour ~14:00

Meeting Time 9:50
End of Tour ~14:50

※ Please specify which tour time you would like to join when making the reservation request.
Price Notice
22,500 yen per group
1~10 people

※ Maximum 10 people per tour.
※ Price includes insurance fee.
※ Prices does not included transportation fees or meals for participants, but does include meals and transportation costs for the guides.
Please contact us for pricing for children. 

NOTE: Kumano Trek may not accept children on some guided walks.
To store larger bags during the walk, there are coin-lockers next to Ishihara Shop in front of the Kumano Hongu Heritage Center.
Not included in this tour.
Are you interested in trying the taste of the Kumano mountains? A popular and delicious "Kumano Kodo" lunch for walkers is offered by Minshuku Omuraya. This can be delivered to the tour meeting place for you at the beginning of you tour. It contains onigiri rice balls, including mehari-zushi (rice wrapped in a pickled mustard leaf, a local specialty). It also includes seasonal side dishes, such as mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc. 
After Tour
There are a few options once the tour is complete.

● Stay overnight in nearby Hongu, Yunomine Onsen, or Kawayu Onsen. (recommended)
● Take a bus to Tanabe or Shingu. Bus timetables For those wanting to do shorter walks on the pilgrimage route this is a good tour to join.

Please contact us if you would like more ideas on how to fit this guided walk into your visit.
● wear appropriate clothing and walking shoes.
● be prepared for rain.
● bring a lunch and drinks.


Access Information
Public Bus
● Daily busses leave from Kii-Tanabe station and Shirahama for Hongu (Hosshinmon-oji) (Bus timetable #1)
● Daily busses leave from Shingu station for Hongu (Bus timetable #3)
● Daily busses also connect Yunomine Onsen and Kawayu Onsen with Hongu (Bus timetable #11)
※ Some accommodation offer free shuttle service toHosshinmon-oji in the morning. 

● Another transportation option is to take a taxi.

● JR Kii-Tanabe or JR Shirahama to Kumano Hongu Taisha. Book online
● From Kumano Hongu Taisha to JR Kii-Tanabe or JR Shirahama. Book online


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