Historic Wakayama Castle Tour (Traveling Southbound)

  • Wakayama Castle

  • Wakayama Castle gate

  • Wakayama Castle exhibit

  • Wakayama Castle Observatory view

  • Coin lockers

Kumano TREK, English Speaking Guides


Explore a Japanese castle and learn about its historical and strategic importance on the Kii Peninsula.

Experience what it might have felt like to be a feudal lord as your guide navigates through the halls, nooks, corners and gardens of the castle estate including the tower, a Japanese National Treasure. Hear about the castle's architecture, position and dominance for descendants of the ruling Shogun of Japan, and about life living on its grounds.

And don't forget to take in the panoramic view of Wakayama City from the top floor.

The guide will either meet and ride with guests from Shin-Osaka Station or Kansai International Airport Station, or meet guests at Wakayama Station.  From there, the guide will help secure luggage if need be and then ride with guests by public bus to Wakayama Castle for the tour.
The guide can make recommendations for lunch.
At the end of the tour, guests will ride the public bus back to Wakayama Station with the guide then take the train to Kii-Tanabe Station where the tour concludes.

※ This tour is not available from December 29 to 31 as the castle is closed.


Shin-Osaka Station Start
1) 50,000 yen
Kansai International Airport Station Start
1) 46,400 yen
Wakayama Station Start
1) 42,600 yen


Tour Outline

Course Name Historic Wakayama Castle Tour
(From Shin-Osaka Station, Kansai Airport Station, or Wakayama Station to Kii-Tanabe Station)  
Meeting Place Shin-Osaka Station (East Gate inside station)
Kansai Airport Station (JR Ticket Gate)
Wakayama Station (Central Ticket Gate)
Please see Tour Options for more details.
Time Shin-Osaka Station Start, ~ 6 hrs
Kansai International Airport Station Start, ~ 7 hrs
Wakayama Station Start, ~ 5.5 hrs
Please see Tour Options for more details. 
Difficulty  Castle walking tour
Tour Ending Place JR Kii-Tanabe Station
Tour Options

Shin-Osaka Station Options
Meeting Time 10:00 11:00
Train JR Kuroshio No. 7  JR Kuroshio No. 9
Train Dep. Shin-Osaka 10:15 11:15
Arr. Wakayama St 11:15 12:15
Local Bus Dep. Wakayama St every 12 min every 12 min
Wakayama Castle Tour - -
Finish Tour ~14:45 ~15:45 
Local Bus Arr: Wakayama St 15:00 16:00
Train Dep. Wakayama St 15:22 16:18
Arr. Kii-Tanabe Station 17:09 17:29

Kansai Airport and Wakayama
Stations Options
Kansai Airport Meeting Time 9:40 10:30
Train Dep. Kansai Station 9:48 10:34
Wakayama Station Meeting Time 11:00 11:40
 Local Bus Dep: Wakayama St. every 12 min
every 12 min
Wakayama Castle Tour - -
Finish Tour ~14:45 ~15:05
Local Bus Arr: Wakayama St 15:00 15:20
Train Dep. Wakayama St 15:22 16:18
Arr. Kii-Tanabe Station 17:09 17:29

※ Please be sure to indicate the time and location you would like the guide to meet you.
Price Notice
Price is per group
1~10 people

※ Maximum 10 people per tour.
※ Price includes insurance fee.
※ Prices do not include transportation fees, meals, luggage storage, or castle section entrance fees for participants but do include meals and transportation costs for the guides.
Coin lockers or luggage storage service are available near Wakayama Station.
Lunch is not included in this tour. Please prepare something in advance, or the guide can make some lunch suggestions during the tour.
● wear appropriate clothing and walking shoes.
● be prepared for rain.
● bring a lunch and drinks.



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*Requests must be made 10 or more days in advance.
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