Kumano Kodo bamboo box lunch (with tea)



Try the taste of Kumano! 
This lunch box is perfect for walking on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route or while exploring in Tanabe.  


Kumano Kodo bamboo box lunch (with tea)
Adult 1,540 yen


Lunch Box Contents
Mehari sushi (rice wrapped in a Takana mustard leaf),  Pacific Saury sushi, Burdock root, Nanko ume pickled apricot, seasonal grilled fish, scrambled egg roll, Koya tofu, bamboo root,  rolled Kombu seaweed, Japanese butterbur, Konnyaku
● Please pick up your lunch box at the store.  Unfortunately we do not have a delivery service.
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Pick-up Time
From 7:45~ 13:00. (the shop opens at 8:00 but pick-up at 7:45 is available for those who want to catch the 8:00 bus to Takijiri-oji to walk the Kumano Kodo.


Access Information
Ajizanmai is a three minute walk on the "アオイ通り Aoi street" which runs from the Kii-Tanabe Station to Ogigahama beach.


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