Hongu to Ryujin Onsen (8:05 departure)

Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus


Ryujin Onsen is an isolated hot spring settlement in the lush heart of the Kii peninsula a great place to overnight.  Hongu is the heart of the Kumano Kodo and blessed with wonderful hot springs such as Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, and Watarase Onsen.

This bus ticket connects these two sites: beautifying onsen and pilgrimage mecca.

Bus service available in 2024 from April 1 to November 30, every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

※ Bus service between April 1 and September 30, 2024, available for purchase from February 1, 2024. 




Hongu to Ryujin Onsen
Adult 2,500 yen
Child 1,250 yen



Hongu Taisha-mae 8:05 Boarding Ryujin Bus
Dainich-goe Nobori-guchi 8:07 Boarding
Fujiya-mae 8:14 Boarding
Kameya-mae 8:14 Boarding
Kawayu Onsen 8:15 Boarding
Watarase Onsen 8:17 Boarding
Yunomine Onsen 8:29 Boarding
Shimoyunomine 8:30 Boarding
Shimoyukawa 8:31 Boarding
Chikatsuyu-oji 9:00 -
Nakahechi Bijutsukan

Arr: 9:00


Transfer Transfer to Ryujin Bus bound for Gomadanzan
Gyubadoji-guchi 9:14 Drop-off Ryujin Bus
Kurisugawa 9:25 Drop-off
Ryujin Onsen 10:11 Drop-off
Kirari Ryujin 10:15 Drop-off

● You need to change buses at Nakahechi Bijutsukan.
Transfers are easy and straightforward. Please ask the bus driver if you have any concerns onsite.

● Lunch and admission fee for tourist facilities are not included in the tour price.
● Tickets are one way (single) leg.
● Seats are not assigned.  Please sit in an empty seat.
● Depending on weather and road conditions, the time schedule may vary.
● Due to the limited availability of seats, early reservation is recommended to secure your seats.

Discounts for Ticket Holders
By showing your ticket, you are eligible to receive the following.

1.Admission fee for Gomasan Sky Tower will be reduced from 300 to JPY 200.  Gomasan Sky Tower is a lookout tower at Gomadanzan rest area.  There is a short break here when you can visit for a panoramic view.

2.If you order “Donburi (Rice Bowl), Udon, Soba wheat noodles” at Kirari Ryujin Ryokan, Ryujin Soap will be given as a gift.

3.Admission fee for Ryujin Onsen bath will be reduced from JPY 700 to JPY 550.

IMPORTANT: Bring Printed Copy of Voucher
● Please present a PRINTED copy of your voucher (or present the voucher on your mobile/smart phone) prior to departure.  A printed copy of your voucher is the best option to avoid any miscommunications with the bus drivers who do not speak English.

● Please NOTE that you may have to REPURCHASE the ticket in cash if you do not present the ticket when asked.


This route is a combination of local bus routes. 
The only sections that are seasonal are from Koyasan to Ryujin Onsen, and Ryujin Onsen to Kurisugawa. 
The other sections Ryujin Onsen to Kii-Tanabe and Kii-Tanabe to the Hongu area run year-round.


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