Luggage Shuttle Service, Tanabe Accommodation to Takijiri-oji/Takahara

Luggage Shuttle (Ryujin Bus)


This luggage shuttle service is a convenient way to send your luggage from Tanabe to your accommodation in Takijiri or Takahara so you do not need to carry your bags onto the local bus.

● From Tanabe accommodation to Takijiri/Takahara accommodation.

This price plan is often used by pilgrims who are walking from Takijiri-oji to Takahara.  Takijiri-oji is a 40 minute local bus ride from Kii-Tanabe station.

Takijiri-oji is the spiritual entrance to the sacred Kumano Mountains and the start of the UNESCO World Heritage registered Nakahechi section of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.  This is a popular place to start walking.

Takahara is a ridge top settlement with beautiful panoramic views.


●Daily luggage shuttle service needs to be booked at least 10 days in advance.

●Online booking for the luggage shuttle services is only available if "all accommodations (pick-up/drop-off) are booked via Kumano Travel".

● There is an additional charge of 500 yen for each additional piece of luggage.
● Please write the name of the accommodation in the request/comments box during the reservation request process.


Tanabe Accommodation to Takijiri-oji/Takahara
1 piece(s) 4,000 yen
2 piece(s) 4,500 yen
3 piece(s) 5,000 yen
4 piece(s) 5,500 yen
5 piece(s) 6,000 yen
6 piece(s) 6,500 yen
7 piece(s) 7,000 yen
8 piece(s) 7,500 yen
9 piece(s) 8,000 yen
10 piece(s) 8,500 yen
11 piece(s) 9,000 yen
12 piece(s) 9,500 yen
13 piece(s) 10,000 yen
14 piece(s) 10,500 yen
15 piece(s) 11,000 yen
16 piece(s) 11,500 yen
17 piece(s) 12,000 yen
18 piece(s) 12,500 yen
19 piece(s) 13,000 yen
20 piece(s) 13,500 yen


Datails Pick-up Location and Times
Pick-up Location and Times
● Pick-up is from Tanabe accommodation (excluding Altier Hotel, the CUE), by 10:00.

Please do not leave valuables in your luggage. Carry them with you.

Drop-off Location
● Drop-off is only available at accommodations in Takahara area (eg. Kiri-no-Sato Takahara Lodge, Tenku-no-Satoyama)
● Please inform us of where you are going to stay.


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