Luggage Shuttle Service, Hongu area to/from Nachi-Katsuura Area

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Luggage Shuttle Service Torii


This is a luggage shuttle service between accommodations in the Hongu area (eg. Kawayu Onsen, Yunomine Onsen, Watarase Onsen, Torii-no-Mise) to accommodations in the Nachi-Katsuura area.

This popular with both walkers on the Kumano Kodo and those doing sightseeing when travelling between Hongu and Nachi/Katsuura.  This way you can visit the sites without worrying about where to store you luggage.

This luggage shuttle can be done in both directions.


●Daily luggage shuttle service needs to be booked at least 10 days in advance.

●Online booking for the luggage shuttle services is only available if "all accommodations (pick-up/drop-off) are booked via Kumano Travel".

● Price is based on number of per pieces of luggage.
● There is an additional charge for each additional piece of luggage.
● Please place this price plan into your cart and input the number of pieces of luggage in the request/comments box during the reservation request process.


Luggage Shuttle Service, Hongu area to/from Nachi-Katsuura Area
1 piece(s) 2,600 yen
2 piece(s) 5,200 yen
3 piece(s) 6,400 yen
4 piece(s) 7,600 yen
5 piece(s) 8,800 yen
6 piece(s) 10,000 yen
7 piece(s) 11,200 yen
8 piece(s) 12,400 yen
9 piece(s) 13,600 yen
10 piece(s) 14,800 yen


Datails Pick-up Location and Times

Possible Pick-up Locations
● Accommodations in Hongu area (e.g. Kawayu Onsen, Yunomine Onsen, Hongu, Torii-no-Mise) and the Nachi-Katsuura area.

※ Please leave your luggage at the accommodation.


● No transfer of breakable items available.
● Please do not leave valuables in your luggage. Carry them with you.
● No transfer of pets.
● Frozen or refrigerated goods.
● Fireworks, gas, or other flammable materials.
● No poisonous substances.

Drop-off Location
● Drop-off is available at accommodations in the Nachi-Katsuura area and Hongu area.
● Please inform us of where you are going to stay.



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