Standard-size vehicle, Class S-W

  • Sample S-W (standard) car

  • Kii-Tanabe Station Sales Office

  • Nanki-Shirahama Airport Sales Office

  • Shirahama Station Sales Office

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  • Watarase Onsen

  • Kumano Hongu Taisha

  • Tanabe Ume Orchard

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Nippon Rent-A-Car Kansai S-W class (Standard) vehicle
Available for rent from sales offices at Kii-Tanabe Station, Shirahama Station, and Nanki-Shirahama Airport.

Prices vary depending on time of use, so please check the table below.

Sample ModelsCorolla Fielder or similar

No drop-off fee charged if returned to Kii-Tanabe Station, Shirahama Station, or Nanki-Shirahama Airport sales offices.

For other drop-off locations and related charges please see the details below.


24 hours
1 vehicle(s) 8,500 yen
24 hours to 48 hours
1 vehicle(s) 17,100 yen
48 hours to 72 hours
1 vehicle(s) 25,600 yen
72 hours to 96 hours
1 vehicle(s) 34,200 yen


Access Information

Kii-Tanabe Station Sales Office

Address41-3 Minato, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture  (Facing JR Kii-Tanabe Station)
8:0020:00 Open year-round

Access Information

Shirahama Station Sales Office

Address1385-5-3 Katata, Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture (Facing JR Shirahama Station)
8:0020:00 Open year-round   Temporary closure until June 30, 2021. May be extended.

Access Information

Nanki-Shirahama Airport Sales Office

Address1622-125 Saino, Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture (next to the 1st-floor JAL reservation counter at Nanki-Shirahama Airport)
8:0018:30 Open year-round 


Rented vehicles can be returned to the following sales offices. Note the corresponding drop-off fees will be charged.
There is no drop-off charge if the vehicle is returned to the sales offices at Kii-Tanabe Station, Shirahama Station, or Nanki-Shirahama Airport.

【Vehicle Drop-off Fees】(in Japanese yen)

● Kii-Tanabe Station Sales Office departure
Return Office Katsuura Wakayama City Kansai Airport Shin-Osaka Station Osaka Itami Airport
Drop-off fee(per vehicle) 9,700 7,800 10,700 15,600 15,600

● Shirahama Station Sales Office departure
Return Office Katsuura Wakayama City Kansai Airport Shin-Osaka Station Osaka Itami Airport
Drop-off fee(per vehicle) 8,800 8,800 11,700 16,600 15,600

● Nanki-Shirahama Airport Sales Office departure
Return Office Katsuura Wakayama City Kansai Airport Shin-Osaka Station Osaka Itami Airport
Drop-off fee(per vehicle) 8,800  9,700  12,700  17,600  16,600
※ Wakayama City area sales offices: JR Wakayama Station Central Exit South Sales Office, Wakayamashi Station Sales Office

Option Type 24 hours 2 days 3 days 4 days
Studless Tires 2,400  4,800 7,300 9,700
Child Seat
Baby Seat
Junior Seat
600 yen/seat 1,200 yen/seat 1,800 yen/seat 2,400 yen/seat

※ To add the options above please enter that in the Notes column when you make a reservation

【Regarding Insurance and Compensation】

In the unlikely event of an accident, insurance coverage and compensation is listed in the table below.

However, the customer will be responsible for the accident in the event that: the customer violates the lease agreement, the accident falls under the disclaimer of the insurance agreement, or if a proper police accident certificate cannot be provided.


Types of Insurance Coverage Compensation Details Examples of Uncompensated Claims

Bodily Injury/Death

    Unlimited per person (Including coverage of Automobile Liability Insurance up to 30 million yen)

■ Unreported accident to the police or sales office (including unapproved settlements) 

■ Reckless driving (intentional accidents, etc.)

■ Unlicensed driving, drunk driving, driving while using drugs

■ Use of the vehicle by a driver unregistered in the lease contract 

■ Responsibility of another vehicle in the accident

■ Unauthorized extension of rental time

■ Repair and replacement costs for tire punctures, etc.

■ Lost hubcap

■ Defacement of car interior

Property Damage

    Unlimited per occurrence (Deductible: 50,000 yen)

Rented Vehicle

Up to market value per occurrence (Deductible: 50,000 yen)


Personal Injury

Up to 50 million yen per person
Compensation will be paid for injuries to driver/passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the degree of responsibility attributable to the driver (Maximum 50 million yen: The amount of damages, including medical treatment expenses, will be determined based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy)



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