To/from Koyasan | Jumbo Taxi

Shirahama Daiichi Taxi


This plan is for a one way trip by Jumbo taxi to/from Koyasan.

It is a direct drive without any sightseeing stops.

 ● Please make a request with the standard price based on the price from Koyasan to Hongu area, and we will adjust the final price when processing the request.

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Koyasan ~ Hongu area
1) 74,100 yen
Koyasan ~ Ryujin area
1) 39,200 yen
Koyasan ~ Kii-Tanabe area
1) 65,700 yen
Koyasan ~ Shirahama area
1) 71,900 yen
Koyasan ~ Takijiri area
1) 60,000 yen
Koyasan ~ Takahara area
1) 61,400 yen


Sorry, "Reservation Requests" are not available at this time.

Please check this Article for more information.