Chikatsuyu ~ Takahara Village | Jumbo Taxi

Shirahama Daiichi Taxi


This jumbo taxi plan is good for those who want to walk shorter sections of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route in the western Nakahechi area.

Two ways to use this plan are:

1. Drive your car to Chikatsuyu village.  Have the jumbo taxi drive you to Takahara village.  Walk the Kumano Kodo from Takahara to Chikatsuyu (13.3 km, ~5 hrs).

2. Take bus to Takijiri-oji. (Bus timetable #1).  Walk Kumano Kodo to Takahara village (3.7 km, ~2 hr).  Take jumbo taxi to Chikatsuyu to stay overnight at accommodation, for example Minshuku Chikatsuyu or Ryokan Tsukinoya.

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Chikatsuyu ~ Takahara Village
1) 25,000 yen


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