Kumano Kodo Walk, Ogumotori-goe

  • Ogumotori-goe

  • Kumano Nachi Taisha

  • Koguchi settlement

  • Waroda-ishi rock

  • Funami-jaya with guide

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The Ogumotori-goe section of the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi route is a mountain pass between Kumano Nachi Taisha and Koguchi settlement.

The Ogumotori-goe is a challenging route with some long climbs and descents.


1) 41,400 yen


Tour Outline

Course Name Ogumotori-goe (Koguchi to Nachisan)
Distance ~14.5 km total
Time ~8 hours
(not including bus transport times)
Difficulty 5
What is a difficulty rating of walking trails?
Meeting Place depends on direction walked
Tour Ending Place depends on direction walked
Maps Kumano Kodo Ogumotori-goe Map

Tour Options

OPTION 1, NORTH TO SOUTH (Koguchi to Kumano Nachi Taisha)
Meeting Time 8:00
Koguchi bus stop, or accommodation in Koguchi
End of Tour ~16:00

OPTION 2, SOUTH TO NORTH (Kumano Nachi Taisha to Koguchi)
Meeting Time 7:50
Nachisan bus stop, or accommodation in Nachi (Mitaki Sanso).
End of Tour ~16:00
Price Notice
41,400 yen per group
1~10 people

※ Maximum 10 people per tour.
※ Price includes insurance fee.
※ Prices does not included transportation fees or meals for participants, but does include meals and transportation costs for the guides.
Please contact us for pricing for children. 

NOTE: Kumano Trek may not accept children on some guided walks.
FOR NORTH TO SOUTH (Koguchi to Nachisan)
The best way is to stay overnight in Koguchi.
Or you can take busses to Koguchi from either the Hongu area or Shingu.
Bus timetables for Koguchi

More access information for Koguchi

FOR SOUTH TO NORTH (Nachisan to Koguchi)
You can stay overnight in Nachi (Mitaki Sanso).

Or take the bus from Kii-Katsuura station.
Kii-Katsuura-to-Nachisan bus timetable
Daily luggage shuttle service can be booked in advance online.

Please note that luggage shuttle is only available for those who made reservations for accommodations via the Kumano Travel site. 10 days or more in advance is needed to book daily luggage shuttles.
It is usually easiest to order your lunch box from the accommodation. Book a lunch box plan to take advantage of this service.
● wear appropriate clothing and walking shoes.
● be prepared for rain.
● bring drinks.


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