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Germany (Male, age 30-39)
Date: Sep/2019
Individual Rating:
Guestroom 5, Baths 4, Meals 5, Location 4, Reception & Service 5
Plan: Guesthouse SORA Chikatsuyu | Supper, Breakfast & Lunch box
Review: - No subject -

Very friendly hosts. It was like being part of the family. The food was excellent.
Thailand (Male, age 60-69)
Date: Aug/2019
Individual Rating:
Guestroom 4, Baths 3, Meals 4, Location 4, Reception & Service 5
Plan: Guesthouse SORA Chikatsuyu | Supper, Breakfast & Lunch box
Review: Fine Home Stay

Naomi and her husband are very kind and welcoming hosts and Naomi's English was good so was a mine of information of Japan and the region. The accommodation is spacious and comfortable and after our first day on the Kumano Kodo, a great place to relax. Naomi let us do laundry which we really appreciated. The baths are typical of a Japanese home - clean and neat and set to 40 degrees. The food was prepared with loving care and delicious though portions were a bit small given how hungry we were after a full day of hiking to get there and to send us off for the next day - and it would be nice to be able to get a beer to kick back with - even if we had to pay extra - and to get a bigger cup of coffee in the morning. The packed lunch was very basic and rather low on energy foods compared to what other people we met who had stayed at other places. But all this was made up for by Naomi's friendliness and helpfulness, she even gave us a tour of the village early the next morning as she walked with us to get us back on the Kumao Kodo.

The one frustration that we really had was that we wanted to get an early start for the hike to Hongu the next day, like shortly after sunrise, so as to enjoy the good weather forecast for the next mooring and to beat the rain that was forecast for the later afternoon. Naomi laughed this off as impossible because she wouldn't be up to make breakfast. She did actually serve breakfast a little early than she said she usually did at around 6:30 but providing accommodation on the Kumano Kodo, and paying the rather high rates that are asked, hosts really should be prepared to serve breakfast and prepare packed lunches so hikers can get off as soon as it is light - if that is their wish.

Chikatsuyu is perhaps the most substantial villages on the way to Hongu, and worth spending a little time in even if you just want a bowl of Ramen to get you onto any of the overnight stops. Its a pretty but sleepy place nestled in the mountains with the beautiful Hiki-gawa river running through it.
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